I need you

Hi my name is bella i have brown hair and dark brown eyes my BFF is kristy we live 1D so much but little did we know that this summer we would meet our idols.but what hapens when an ex boyfriend comes along will he ruin every thing or will he make a relation ship grow stronger


1. Harrys POV

Uggghh i've been on this stupid plane 27 hours and.im about to fall asleep but louis ramdomly yells BANNANA FUDGE LOLLIPOP in my ear "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU MATE!!!!" i hear nial yell from behind me.i cant wait to land in australia so i can see my GF dafney

*2 hours later*
Finaly the plane has landed so i text dafney to meet me at the nearest starbucks in 5.at starbucks i walk through the door to see dafney making our with the boy across the counter
I couldnt control what happend next i walked over to the boy and punched him in the face i heared dafney scream WHY THE HELL DID YOU PUNCH MY BOY FRIEND

oh hi harry it was a mistake i love you

Save it for someone who cares.

Authers note: hope you like it so far
Keep in mind this is my first fanfic��
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