One shot.

Hey! I'm Selena. I'm the popular girl at school. I always look like I'm so happy. But am I really happy? I don't know.


2. So..

Here I stand... On a building. At night.. With a gun. Sounds really funny, right?
You maybe think ''wtf'' but don't think that. I have a reason to do like I do. 

Wanna hear why? Okay, let's start..


Summer 2011


''Mooooooooooooom!'' Yelled I and walked towards to her.

''Yes baby?'' Answered she with her happy voice.

''When is daddy home?'' Asked I and set down on the chair in the kitchen.

''I can see him out there.'' Smiled she and pointed out of our window in the house.

''Ugh, he is like.. 7 houses away mom.'' Said I and looked angry at her.

''He will be very happy if you walk towards to him.'' Said my mom and looked at me.

''Ugh, fine.'' Said I and walked out to my shoes. 

''Remember your mobile!'' Yelled my mom from my kitchen.

''I never forget it mommy. I need to update my twitter to the fans you know?'' Yelled I and walked out. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I'm a famous blogger on youtube. And in my school. I'm just very popular. Over 3 millions following me on twitter. That's what I call famous.

''Okay okay. Hurry up!'' Yelled my mom.

I sighed and walked out from the house. Maybe a quick vlog? Yes, why not.

''Heey! I just wanted to upload a quick video. Right now I'm walking outside.'' Said I and filmed around me.

''And there is my daddy! He about to cross the way so I can hug him. Haha, no just kidding. He is gonna cross it but just so he can get home.'' Smiled I to my mobiles camera and then filmed my dad.

''HEY DADDY!'' Yelled I and waved.

''Hey babe!'' Yelled he back and was about to walk over.

''Dad, come o- DAD WATCH OUT!'' Yelled I and pointed.

''WHA-'' Yelled he back.

And then.. Bum. He got hit by a big car. The car got broke. Oh, and the same did my dad.l

While I filmed it.

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