One shot.

Hey! I'm Selena. I'm the popular girl at school. I always look like I'm so happy. But am I really happy? I don't know.


3. School

I just stood there.. And watched it. And blood came..

''OMG, CALL 911!'' Yelled my mom and walked fast over to my dad.

That night died my father on the hospital.

''Honey..'' Came my mother out to me in the car and set down.

''It's gonna be okay mom.'' Said I and hugged her.

''Yes.. No!'' Cried she.

''Yes mom. Now, let's go home. I have school..'' Whispered I and looked out.

''You sure? You can stay home and-''

''No mom.'' Snapped I and looked still out.

''Okay..'' Mumbled she. And then we took home.


School next day


''OMG, hello Selena! Did you hear about Emma's party yesterday? Why didn't you come!'' Asked and said my bff Lea to me.

''Uh, homework.'' Said I with a fake smile. I couldn't just say ''Because my dad died.''

''Homework? Damn girl. Waste of time.'' Smiled Lea.

''I guess.'' Smiled I.

''Hey Selena! Can I come by after school?'' Came my boyfriend Harry over to me.

''Uh, why?'' Asked I.

''Your dad and I had a deal about-''

''Oh yeah, that. My dad said it was okay.'' Smiled I.

''Great! But can I still come over? I need to give him this.'' Said Harry and showed me some papers.

''What is that?'' Asked I.

''Papers about me. He want to know me better.'' Smiled Harry.

''I'll give him these.'' Smiled I and took them.


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