A Brush With Death


1. A Brush With Death


Trudging along the weary path,

Away from the haunted souls with incessant wrath,

Clinging onto his life tenaciously,

It all seemed a conspiracy


With Darkness looming all around,

Heartbeats gradually slowing down,

Raising body temperatures to impregnable levels,

Fear-struck with body reaching sub-zero levels


Hearing a ghostly wail from a distant place,

Vehemently Searching a breathing space,

Shrieking sounds filling the ears,

Taking consciousness to different gears


Turned around feeling a sensation

Cascading path behind leading to desperation

Sprinted like the legendary Bolt,

With a potential of mega volt   


Thought to be an atheist,

Finally looking at the heavenly sky,

Seeking divine intervention,

Hoping to escape death’s jaw


“Thud”..  & down on the hard floor,

Ending the dark subconscious journey

Bringing back to the world of realm,

Alas! nothing but just a nightmare!

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