I Can't Stand One Direction!

Izzy Darling is like any typical girl with two best friends, Ali and Mary. She's just a little 'luckier' I guess you would say, but she doesn't consider it as luck. She considers it as a pain in the a*s! For now at least...So it's Ali's birthday and Izzy has no choice but to go with Ali and Mary to the One Direction concert. While they're there, they run into a few mishaps and One Direction ends up continuously 'bumping into' the girls where ever they go. Now remember this, they're all in the 'City of Love'. Think Izzy will stop hating on the boys? Idk. You'll have to read to find out! ;)


1. Wake Up Call!

"Wake up Izzy!"
I wake up to Mary's yelling and groan. "Let me be!", I yell back and pull the covers over my head. Ali, Mary, and I live together since our parents are always out of town working. They gave us each a credit card and they add money to them every week. We're billionaires.
My covers get pulled off and I tuck my legs to my chest. It was quite chilly in the morning. "Get up now!", Mary yells in my face and sprays water on my face. "I'm up! I'm up!", I scream jumping up and running to the bathroom. They always have a mini spray bottle prepared every morning to wake me up.
"Works every time", I hear Mary say and I can practically hear the smirk forming on Ali's face. I stick my tongue out as if they could see me.
I brush my teeth and my phone rings. I charge out of the bathroom and head to my room. It was my mom. "Goodmorning honey! How are you?", she asks. And I mumble something, "I'm mmushmm my mmeeth", I attempt to say. "I'm assuming you're brushing your teeth?", she asks sarcasticly. She knows it bugs me when she asks me something when she already knows the answer. I groan and I can hear her holding back a laugh. I walk to the bathroom and spit out the toothpaste. "MOM!", I yell giggling and she finally bursts. "Okay, I'll call you back later", she explains and hangs up.

"First we're gonna go to Carette to eat breakfast and then to the Eiffel Tower, then Carrousel du Louvre-", Ali starts. "Why don't we just go along with it while we're there", I say and go change. "I'm gonna go change" "Me too" "Me three!", Ali yells lastly.
Well she's sure happy today. I change into a gray long sleeve t-shirt with a furry white vest over it and jean capris and black flats. "I'm ready!", I yell and slowly trudge downstairs. Ali comes running behind me and I step aside so I won't get run over like a herd of cows and a chicken. "LEGO!", Mary yells charging after Ali and I lean against the wall just in case.
"Shot gun!", Mary proclaims. "You can't call shot gun until we see the car", Ali says. "Shot gun!", Mary yells again, but this time we can see the car. "Dang!", Ali moans and I chuckle. I hop into the drivers seat with Mary in the passengers seat and Ali in the back seat.
"This is not fair!", Ali pouts, "It's my birthday tomorrow too. At least we get to go see One Direction perform" "Ugh, don't even remind me of it", I groan. "I don't even see why you hate them", Mary says. "I just do", I defend.
We arrive at Carette and walk into the store.
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