I Can't Stand One Direction!

Izzy Darling is like any typical girl with two best friends, Ali and Mary. She's just a little 'luckier' I guess you would say, but she doesn't consider it as luck. She considers it as a pain in the a*s! For now at least...So it's Ali's birthday and Izzy has no choice but to go with Ali and Mary to the One Direction concert. While they're there, they run into a few mishaps and One Direction ends up continuously 'bumping into' the girls where ever they go. Now remember this, they're all in the 'City of Love'. Think Izzy will stop hating on the boys? Idk. You'll have to read to find out! ;)


8. One Direction Clothes :P

"....ake up IZZY!", I hear a voice. I wonder who THAT could be. "Mmmhhm", I groan. "Don't make me get that spray!", she says. Oh. It was Ali. I should've known. Mary doesn't wake me up like this, only Ali does. "It's concert day!!! Get uPPPPP!", she screams and pulls the covers off of me. It's freezing! I cuddle up next to my pillow and start to shiver. I popped one eye open and looked at Ali. She was wearing short shorts and a tank top that said "1D" on it. "Geez! What's wrong with that girl?!", I thought I was thinking it...but I guess I said it out loud cause she came in with the spray bottle and started spraying me. "Hey! I'm already up!", I protest but she wasn't listening. I trip her and grab the spray bottle before she falls and start spraying her. "I'll get you back someday", I yell at her giggling and walk out of my room.
"Mary, why can't you wake me up the way YOU do?", I ask her. She usually cooks bacon to wake me up but really she doesn't have to do anything but the cooking part. I do the waking up part, see, I wake myself up. Unbelievable right? She's awesome like that! :) "Are we going out?", I ask hungrily. She nods. "Why aren't you talking?", I ask. "I'm talking right now aren't I?", she smirks and turns over to wink at me. "You're so weird", I state the obvious and jog up the stairs.
When I screamed, "Where are we going?!" No reply. "WHERE ARE WE GOING??!!!!!!!!", I shout at the top of my lungs. "Were going to watch One Direction perform", Ali finally yells. "But the concert's at...7?", I say/ask, a little unsure about the time. "Ya, and ya. We're going early. Because the...", she starts and looks over at Mary who still has the smirk on her face. "The line is gonna be long", she says and goes back to whatever she was doing. No one really knows what she does and we're too creeped out to find out ourselves. "Were just going to the concert and we'll...go get some food first", she said.

Something is fishy here

And I plan to find out

"You guys are do weird", I say and attempt to jog up the stairs once again but something pulls me back. "Did you need something Ali?", I ask clearly annoyed and turn around. "I have an outfit for you!", she screams happily and takes it put from behind her back. "Wear this", she says. "I don't even get to choose my own clothes", I groan. She skips off and I walk toward the bathroom.

"OMG!!!", I scream as I take the clothes out of the bag. I hear them start to laugh. "What is wrong with you?!", I yell as I storm out of the bathroom. "I'm not wearing this thing!" I hold up the set of One Direction clothes. "It's my birthday though...", Ali pouts. "Don't make me get out the contract...", Mary starts to say and I give her a puppy face. "But mummy..." "You're wearing it!", she explains and chuckles to herself. I grab the clothes and stomp up stairs.
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