I Can't Stand One Direction!

Izzy Darling is like any typical girl with two best friends, Ali and Mary. She's just a little 'luckier' I guess you would say, but she doesn't consider it as luck. She considers it as a pain in the a*s! For now at least...So it's Ali's birthday and Izzy has no choice but to go with Ali and Mary to the One Direction concert. While they're there, they run into a few mishaps and One Direction ends up continuously 'bumping into' the girls where ever they go. Now remember this, they're all in the 'City of Love'. Think Izzy will stop hating on the boys? Idk. You'll have to read to find out! ;)


20. Oh no...AGAIN?!?

"You're so weird...", Ali mumbles. I force a smile on my face. "Gee, thanks..." I "grin" and walk towards the bathroom. "I think I ate too much...ugh!" Ali holds back a laugh but fails, "Pffftsss!", comes out of her mouth. "Now you just look like a retard!", I sing. "HEY!" "Ahahaha!", I laugh out.

...1 bathroom break later...

"Who wants to go eat?!", Ali asks excitedly. "Not. Me. ", I grouch. "Ahaha! Then were DEFINATLEY GOING!" "Ugh! No!", I protest but they drag me outside anyway. "I'm not eating!" "Mmhm. Sure", Mary says. 'Silence...' "Okay so I'm gonna eat...!", I surrender. "Mmmhhm", Mary confirms her conclusion. "Haha!", Ali laughs. We get in the car after the walk there.
"Where are we going exactly? The driver needs to know...!", I explain. "A place to eat?!", Ali questions me. I frown at her. "Seriously. I could drop you off at a place with nothing but snails to eat and we wouldn't know.", I say and they scrunch up their faces. "Eeww!" "Haha! Yea. Girls. We're in France. I don't read French THAT well", I say pointing to a sign that had a million letters. "Uh...", Mary was thinking of a shoot-back? "Well then...LEARN FRENCH FASTER!", I laughed at her sudden exposure. "Ahaha!..." "No...!", I turn and scream at her. "No! My teacher was MEAN!" "There are nicer teachers!", "TOO BAD!", I laugh and we start cracking up.

We ended up walking into a few random restaurants. The first restaurant actually ended up having escargots (snails) and we ran out after seeing them. "Well that looks appetizing" Ali gags. The second one was filled with pastries! "Yumm!" We actually got quite a few boxes of pastries but we didn't eat there so we went to another restaurant. THAT one looked good but...I heard some familiar voices there. "Let's not eat here...", I say silently and start to head out. "But we finally found a good place!", Ali half yells/complains, "and I'm tired from walking" "Shhh! There's this great place next door I wanna go to!", I whisper again. Mary looks at me weirdly, "Why are you whi-" "AHAHAHAHAHAHA!", we hear a familiar laugh. "He-", Ali starts to say and walk over but I cover her mouth and drag her back. "Let's just go!", I attempt to silently say but blurt it out instead. A few of the boys stick their heads from behind the edge of the seats. "Why hello!", Louis greets. "Uh-oh..."
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