I Can't Stand One Direction!

Izzy Darling is like any typical girl with two best friends, Ali and Mary. She's just a little 'luckier' I guess you would say, but she doesn't consider it as luck. She considers it as a pain in the a*s! For now at least...So it's Ali's birthday and Izzy has no choice but to go with Ali and Mary to the One Direction concert. While they're there, they run into a few mishaps and One Direction ends up continuously 'bumping into' the girls where ever they go. Now remember this, they're all in the 'City of Love'. Think Izzy will stop hating on the boys? Idk. You'll have to read to find out! ;)


22. Danny & Pervert

Liam, Mary, and the rest of the people in the restaurant glare at us (Harry and I). We look at each other and calm down. Then a laugh slips through my mouth and I purse my lips. "Sorry...", I look down at my hands. 
"Gotta! Go!", I scream climb over Zayn's lap and speed through the restaurant to the ladies room. I do my thing and wash my hands. As I open the door to head back out, a man stands before me. I couldn't tell who it was. So I look up. "Da-", I was about to scream but he covers my mouth and shoves me towards the exit/entrance to the restaurant. And we're outside. "What?!", I yell angry at him pulling at my wrist. He lets go. "I miss you baby", he smirks at me. "We I don't so leave me alone", I open the door slightly and the door bell rings (to see when customers come in/leave). He pulls me back and the door shuts making another ring. I take a deep breath calming myself down. "YOU cheated on ME!" He couldn't say anything. "You know what the worst part is?" He stays silent. "You cheated on me with Alana!" Nothing comes out of his mouth. I couldn't read his face. "We are THROUGH! OVER! DONE WITH!", I scream at him, a single tear rolling down my face. I wipe the tear away and walk back in, smiling as if nothing happened. I don't need Ali worrying about me. This time. This time he didn't pull me back. 
He knew what he did was wrong. He's not necessarily a bad person. He just hasn't matured yet. I can't live with him knowing he's like that. Not ever would I give him a third chance. 

"Where did you go?", Niall asks pouting. "I went to the ladies room?! And then got some...fresh air...yeah. Fresh air" I breath in heavily/jokingly and exhaled. "Hhhhaaaaaaaa!", I exhale loudly and crawly over Zayn and sit down in my seat. My warm comfy seat. I lay my head on Harry's shoulder and sprawl one of my legs onto Zayn's lap. Zayn blushes. "What?", I ask looking up at Zayn then to Harry who was smirking. Louis was winking at me. "Weirdos...", I give a questioning face to Liam and he shrugs. "Fine", I sit back up. "Order up!", a waiter says. I turn around staring at the food. He sets all the food down and finally sets a plate of some kinda spaghetti in front of me. "Cheese?" "Yes...", I look up to smile at him. My jaw drops a little. WHAT A HOTTIE! I look at Ali with wide eyes and she licks her lips. I wasn't sure if he meant the food or the guy. She was staring at both so I guess I'll never know. I look back down at my food. He was still rolling the cheese thing. "Oh my god, that's enough!" There was a pile of cheese on my spaghetti. "Oh I'm sorry. I was staring at you I didn't know when to stop", he flashed a smile at me. Okay. So NOT a hottie. He's a probably player. 
Harry shifts around. Again. And again. I look over at him. He was glaring at the guy while the guy was looking at me. So was Zayn. And Niall. Then everyone else glares a him. He continues looking at me. "Uh...you can go now?", I shoo him away. He pulls something out of his pocket and slips it under my plate. "Call me", he winks and walks away awkwardly. Checkin out the other girls while they flipped their hair and fluttered their eyes 10 times a millisecond. Some just started at the boys. I look at the paper. It has his face and a number and address scribbled on it. I lift it up and throw it at Ali. "Eww! It smells like cologne!", I bark and squish against the wall backing away from it while squishing Harry who was in my way. "Eww!", she screams and throws it on the ground. 

"Haha" we all start to laugh and we eat our breakfast. 

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