I Can't Stand One Direction!

Izzy Darling is like any typical girl with two best friends, Ali and Mary. She's just a little 'luckier' I guess you would say, but she doesn't consider it as luck. She considers it as a pain in the a*s! For now at least...So it's Ali's birthday and Izzy has no choice but to go with Ali and Mary to the One Direction concert. While they're there, they run into a few mishaps and One Direction ends up continuously 'bumping into' the girls where ever they go. Now remember this, they're all in the 'City of Love'. Think Izzy will stop hating on the boys? Idk. You'll have to read to find out! ;)


11. Crazed Fan Much?

"OMG! I love you Harry!!!", I girl screams and I gag. "Eww...", I mumble to myself. Mary 'coughs' and glares at me. I sigh and walk out of line and am about to walk to the bathroom. Someone grabs my arm. I stop walking. "Going somewhere?" I remember the voice like a shot gun. Harry. Eww. I make a sour face before I turn around. I force a grin on my face. His eyebrows scrunch up. "Is there a problem?", he asks and I 'grin' even wider. "Nope!", I say 'happily' trying to restrain from kicking and screaming. "Just going to the ladies room", I say. My voice was starting to get a little harder. "Please let go", Mary says glaring back at me. He lets go of my wrist and I storm to the restroom. I 'use' the restroom and go on my phone. I hang out in there for a few mere minutes and walk back out. Ali and Mary were on the side talking to them while everybody else were gone except for this one girl glaring at Ali and Mary. " Is there a problem?", I ask the girl. She was about my height but older. Maybe...19 or 20? "Who are you?", she asks in a sassy tone. "Well you are glaring at my best friends aren't you?", I ask a little aggravated. I saw everyone staring at us from the corner of our eyes. The officers were out side leading the rest of the girls out. She shoves me. "Why don't you get out of my business!" I step back to keep from falling. "Excuse me?!", I was angry now. Ali and Mary come around and pull me back. They knew what I was like when something like this happens. "Yeah you bi*ches! You better pull your slut friend back!", she tells and I felt Mary's grip harden. I put my arm infront of her to restrain her. "It's ok", I say. The girls swings her arm to hit me in the face. I break free from Mary and Ali's grip and I grab the girls' hand. I pull her arm back and grab the other, twisting both her arms together in the back. "Is there something wrong with you?! What did I ever do?!", I ask loudly. The guys just say there stunned. "Okay break it up girls!", Louis walks over and grabs the girls arm and pulls her away. I loosen my grip and squeeze my shoulder. It hurt more than I thought. "Are you okay?", Zayn, I think, comes up and positions me as I tip over slowly. "Yeah I'm fine. Thanks", I say. And catch myself as he lets go. "Girls got some skills!", I hear one of them say. I look up. It was Niall. He's always the one to make me laugh.
"Hi Louis!", I hear and look over. I guess the girl like Louis? She fell over and Louis stepped back. "I didn't do anything!", he defends and the officers come in. They help the girl up and lead her out. "We have to go now", I explain. "Where are you going?", Harry asks grabbing my wrist again as I'm about to walk out. "To your concert...", I says glaring at Ali who's grinning weirdly. "It's her birthday", I finish and walk out. His grip tightens and I flex my hand to where I'm grabbing his wrist. I turn around, grin, and twist his wrist slightly. His grip loosens and I leave with Ali and Mary following after their goodbyes. "Well", I say. "Tell me about it", Mary says afterwards. "Who does she think she is?", Ali asks. "Yeah, who was she?"
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