The Wild Ones

First place winner of the september crime competition. Peter and Mary, just two people out of the millions that dwell in an overpopulated, overly controlled city. Forced daily to escape arrest just for the crime of wanting to be free. When a city is dying, from pollution and drought, why fight to stay alive when everyone and everything wants you dead? The stubbornness of mankind is our greatest weakness, and our most powerful asset.


6. Rescue Part 1

Red lights still continued to pulsate and transform the thin long corridor into something immensely sinister, while all the time an ageing general sat behind his desk watching the whole thing unfold on the hologram with a fifteen second delay, like some sadistic television program. He watched, stone faced as Peter ran down corridor after corridor, going right, then left, then right again within the labyrinth of doors and red glowing walls. There were no signs, no maps, no obvious ways out, he had escaped one enclosed cell block to be trapped into an even larger one.

The walkie talkie in his hand was full of unrecognizable chatter, certain words could be made out of the static like, "sector 3", "one escapee" and "secure area." The static seemed to get worse when going in one direction so Peter changed his course in an attempt to get a better signal. Soon the walkie talkie was loud and clear, "we can see him proceeding down corridor 3-2 heading north, cut him off at exit."

Peter stood still, they can see me, he looked around the corridor but saw nothing, hidden cameras, damn it! He looked around at all the adjacent doors, looking for another escape knowing that just around the corner was approaching a whole army of armed guards. a handful of doors down a door with a thunderbolt sign stood out as a possibility to him, he ran towards it, shot the door handle. 27. The door swung open and he found himself facing a towering block of wires and circuits; lighting, door release and other electronics. In a blind fury and with time not on his side Peter began to pull out every connection, systematically every light and blinking hidden electronic eye was turned off. Fifteen seconds later far away a general behind a desk smiled, a glint in his eyes, "very good" he muttered.

The radio chatter exploded into confusion, "We've lost lighting, do we have a visual?", "negative, last seen heading north on corridor 3-2. ETA till night vision team?", "five minutes, repeat, five minutes." "Move the girl to hover-pad by corridor 1-1, ready to depart in ten minutes." "Roger that."

Girl? That must be Mary! Back out in the hallway the main lights had gone off, but still the slow pulsating red glow remained, I've got five minutes, better make them count. He moved his way down the corridor heading north, hoping to find the center of the structure and find his way to corridor one, the hover-pad, and Mary. All the entry doors had been opened by the destruction of the circuit box, but more than that, all of the prisoners doors were open too. Slowly and gingerly, numerous held captives were seeking the same as Peter, escape. A few rushed from their cells and ran down the corridor, past Peter and through the far end metal doors, the red hue making it all seem nightmarish and ghastly. The escaping fugitives were met with a barrage of pistol fire once they left the threshold of the corridor, caught in the red light they were detected and taken down.

Fuck! It's a slaughter. A few of the other captives had seen the same horrifying event and were less inclined to escape in that direction. They looked around, seeking an alternative.

"Well what do we do?" One asked.

Another replied, "up! there's ventilation shafts all along these corridors, we have no other choice."

Peter nodded, agreeing and as he held the only weapon it was decided to have him go up first. Upon the shoulders of one of the tallest men he climbed and removed the grated cover, dropping it to the floor, the noise echoing along the thin hall. He then wedged his whole body in and signaled to the rest that it was safe.

Tightly squeezed he turned back north, checked his weapon, and began to crawl into the perpetual darkness.

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