The Wild Ones

First place winner of the september crime competition. Peter and Mary, just two people out of the millions that dwell in an overpopulated, overly controlled city. Forced daily to escape arrest just for the crime of wanting to be free. When a city is dying, from pollution and drought, why fight to stay alive when everyone and everything wants you dead? The stubbornness of mankind is our greatest weakness, and our most powerful asset.


5. Escape

This must be hell, or at the very least limbo, this can't be real, none of this can be real. Months could have passed by now, and what of Mary? God, Mary. Peter thought too much into it and began to silently weep. He hid his face away from Toptom, not wanting him to see his weakness.

"It is time," Toptom said suddenly not opening his eyes, "use your pain boet, use your anger and get the girl, for today I see mine."

Peters eyes widened as he watched Toptom get to his feet, trance like, and move to the door. Peter knew what was happening, knew what was going through the South African's mind. He quickly scurried to the other side of the room and crouched into a ball, waiting for it all to be over. He knew there was no use talking him out of it. Toptom had made up his mind, but it was more than that, something much more confusing. Peter didn't want to stop him, he wanted this to happen, he wanted out, he wanted to save Mary, this was the only way, sacrifices needed to be made. He felt so heartless yet so alive. He would miss Toptom, he had done what he said he would, his eyes were now opened, the message received, 'even gods can bleed.'

"Oi! You slimy rat bastards, I'm ready to talk! Get me outta here, I got what you want!" Toptom was going wild by the locked metal door, banging hard with his fist and shouting South African obscenities. "daai cuiter pronk toe nog so lekker toe donner ek hom!"

A stamping of plastic boots echoed closer, the first new sound to grace the ears of the captives for an immeasurably long amount of time. Muffled voices spoke to each other as clicks and metal noises filled the air. The door burst open knocking Toptom to his feet. Three black-clad policemen entered the scene while Peter held his head low, shielding his eyes, they grabbed Toptom by his bare ankles and dragged him out of the room. The door slammed shut behind him, and then, a cataclysmic silence.

The white lights of the room shorted out, sparks flew in all directions as one whole half of the room ceased to exist, it had been melted away in a blue plasma ball of explosive energy. A perfect circle had been left in the wake, damaging nothing else but what the ball had come into contact with. A brown gray smoke lingered from where the mine had been detonated, but that was it, there was no evidence of anything, anyone else.

Prisoners yelled and cheered, alarms blared loud; an air-raid siren loud and damaging, red lights filled the once white rooms, pulsating with the shrieking noise. Peter took to his feet, brought back to life and jumped over the crater with his weak, tired legs. Some distance away from the impact zone was a dropped pistol, Peter quickly rushed over, instinct had kicked in, he picked it up, checked the ammo. Full, thirty shots.

This is where It starts, he began inwardly as he moved down the red pulsating hallway of endless doors, no more running, no more hiding. The Empyrean have used us as slaves for long enough, it's time to open everyone's eyes, and minds. It's time to free the silent, give thoughts to the brain dead and live our lives for once. This is where the tyranny ends, and freedom is taken back from the closed hand of the ones above us, sitting in their ships, pretending to be gods.

Now, Peter thought to himself, his senses gathering and his training keeping him alive as he shot down two guards with his newly acquired pistol and picked up a walkie talkie. 29. 28. where the fuck is Mary?


One the other side of the city, high atop a spire made of green glass and twisted metal, forever stretching upwards, breaching the stars, a general sat behind an otherworldly metal desk, playing with a crystal pyramid in his hands. A holographic square appeared above the marble floor in front of his desk, the picture within the cube showed a view of the explosion from one of the countless spying electronic eyes. The green tinted room now glowed a deep red as the sirens on the hologram showed the happenings of what was occurring just moments ago.

At the same time a sweating and anxious young man, smartly dressed in a military uniform barged through the heavy oaken double doors at the far end of the grand room.

"Sir, a breakout from the human storage facility in sector nine is in progress-"

"I can see," the general interrupted, his patience wearing thin as he continued to play with his crystalline object, the light reflecting in it turning into a thousand tiny rainbows. "Who is that?" He clicked his fingers and the hologram stopped, rubbing his right thumb and forefinger together the image on the hologram enlarged, clearly showing the escapee's face.

"We don't really know sir, he's known to us as Peter, a minor cog within the resistance machine. The man that just detonated that type-B plasma mine was a Lesedi Kasote, also known as Toptom. A rebel leader from Zion sir."

The general mused. "Toptom. I know of him, he knew things, who knows what information he may have passed on to this... Peter."

There was a silence, though brief, "what are your orders General Klitz? This Peter came in with another cog, Mary. He must be trying to find her, should we-"

"Do nothing Private, keep this news away from the Star Council, let's follow this Peter, see what he does, see where he goes. Be smart about these things, violence and death are not always the answer," he glared at the young man, "you will do well to remember that."

The young man then stood to attention, his arms crossed his chest, then exited the room as quickly as he had came. Maybe him, the general thought, his musings turning into wild flights of fancy as he placed his object onto the desk. Under the shadow that covered his face, he smiled.

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