The Wild Ones

First place winner of the september crime competition. Peter and Mary, just two people out of the millions that dwell in an overpopulated, overly controlled city. Forced daily to escape arrest just for the crime of wanting to be free. When a city is dying, from pollution and drought, why fight to stay alive when everyone and everything wants you dead? The stubbornness of mankind is our greatest weakness, and our most powerful asset.


9. Discharged

An elderly general stopped down glistening green tinted halls, his age showing more so in the last twenty four hours than in the last thirty years that he held his post. His silver slick back hair shone a dull green and his eyes blazed with fire, passing lower ranked individuals tried to grab his attention for various reasons but General Klitz was in no mood to give any of them the time of day. He hastily pushed them aside as he made his way unrelentingly to the guarded room at the far end of the long hall.

The two guards saw him coming, and knowing his face well they quickly stepped aside and allowed him to pass without conflict.

"Hyperion!" General Klitz yelled just as the doors closed behind him, his voice echoed within the cavernous room, its walls lined with grand bookshelves and lit candles. At the centre of the room an old fashioned thick wooden table lay, equally adorned with as many books. Behind the mound of words and pages sat a creature, back hunched and face lost within his great collection of literary works.

"Hyperion you promised me I had full control!" Klitz marched towards the table and with one great hand swooped the contents onto the black marble floor with a crash. "You promised you wouldn't interfere."

The creature did not raise its head, but instead licked his finger and turned another page. "Your history is quite interesting, full of so much self destruction and killing. The reason I have yet to fathom, it's like watching semi-intelligent monkeys fighting over a tool they cannot use. Yes. That's how I see it," the creature said with a gluttonous hiss.

"Listen to me Hyperion, you can't just send my men into the city without talking to me, that was the deal."

The creature raised it's head, its black oval eyes pierced through General Klitz's head, sending him crippling to the floor in agony, his telekinetic powers ravaging the old man into submission. The creature turned his head and the pain ended.

"You are a destructive people," it continued slowly, and with purpose, "just read through any of these books and it's clear to see. Killing, murder, rape, death. This planet reeks of it. Even now I can sense you wish to harm me, hurt me. I find it amusing, you have a phrase for this kind of thing, have you not? If I remember correctly it goes like this, do not bite the hand that feeds, fucker. I added that end bit in myself. That's one thing you people are good at, cursing. I do love human curses."

The creature stood from it's seat, his book still in hand, and slowly glided across the floor towards the still quivering General, flashbacks from the painful vision still crossing his mind.

"You humans cannot govern yourselves, you are sheep in the flock and myself and my kind are the Shepperd's, guiding your path. We are your gods, but still you barge into my domain and demand deals from me?" The creature Hyperion began to laugh through its unseen mouth, hidden by the high collared dress robes that flowed in the artificial breeze.

"General Samuel Klitz, you are hereby relieved of your duties. Leave this place and never return, and perhaps I may spare your life in the purging." Hyperion retook his seat and fell back into his book.

"Purging?" Former General Klitz coughed out, pulling himself up onto his shaking knees with the support of the wooden table.

"I tire of your questions." With that the creature raised its right arm and pointed at the door, and as if a stiff breeze swept through the room Samuel Klitz was taken from his feet, rose a foot in the air, then sailed towards the large black double doors of which he entered. His body slammed through the doors and fell to the marble corridor outside, sliding to a halt some distance away. The two guards having seen this remained where they were, their role did not cover anything but the door. So Samuel lay bleeding and unconscious, sprawled across the darkest of floors, his eyes shut, and the pain in his body no more damaging that that which lay within his heart.

He assumed he was passing over to the other-side, to a world guarded by pearly gates and angels with harps, he assumed this was the end and felt glad for it. Cruel then was his awakening sometime later, laying on his back outside of the gigantic green glass building, with his uniform stripped and civvy clothes thrown on top of him. Yes General Klitz did die that day, but he was reborn as Samuel Klitz, a civilian and powerless, and a sense of frailty lowered upon him, and there in that busy street he never felt so vulnerable.

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