One Look and I fell into Pieces

A young girl named, Sophia Eva just happens to meet a mysterious guy... They fall in love... But will there first site love last? What has he hasn't told her? Will it be all chocolate and roses ... Or will it crumble into pieces in front of her eyes...


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7. Chapter 6: The Darkness surrounding me

Sophia's POV

I wake up to darkness; what is going on? Maybe it is one of those dreams that is just black, but nothing is happening. Wait what happened to Louis wasn't he with me when I fell asleep. 

"Louis!" I try to scream, but it comes out muffled. This isn't a dream this is reality and I am blindfolded, tied up, and have duct tape on my mouth. 

"Looks like someone is awake." A male voice says putting a hand on my shoulder and I begin to panic. I try my best to fight against him by kicking then rocking back in forth, but it only makes the chair I'm tied to fall on its side bringing me down with it. 

"I missed your fights already." He whispers in my ear and I feel the tears start to stream down my face recalling last night. 'How did he find me already?' I think to myself. The guy unties me from the chair then begins to drag me across the room. I hear the door open the shut and he throws me on the bed. 

"Things are gonna be a bit different this time." He says handcuffing my hands. 'Why me why me?'

"You see my friends and I really like you and would just like to get to know you better." The man tells me tieing the handcuff chain to the bed rail and taking off the duct tape and blindfold. 

"Well because you handcuffed me you have to let me go to take my clothes off you perve." I snap feeling the tears start to form. 

"No I don't think so." He says and pulls out a pair of scissors cutting the shirt off my body leaving me in the bra and underwear. 

Louis POV

"Let me go." I say fighting the restraints on the chair. 

"Why would we do that?" The guy asks. 

"Because I want to join you." I say. 

"Oh I see I guess that would be okay." He says untieing me. "Just go over there."He says pointing  to a group of three guys standing in a line. How do I get to the front of this line

Sophia's POV

"What do you want from me?" I ask as he put the blindfold back on me.  

"I think you know what we want. Any of us may take off the blindfold, duct tape, or untie you from the rail, but you never know." He says reduct taping my mouth. I hear the door open then shut as he leaves and I hear somebody else enter. 

Louis POV

I am at the end of the line and I can hear Sophia screaming and crying in pain or fear. Come on hurry up I need to get in there soon. 

Sophia's POV

Every time someone finishes with me they put my bra and booty shorts back on me, but I usally don't know what is gonna happen. Out of the five guys that have come in here only two have taken the blindfold then used a knife to force me to do something. Both of those guys kept the handcuffs on me but untied them from the rail. One of the other men didn't untie me or take the blindfold or duct tape off just move against me so I never new what was going on just of the darkness surrounding me. The other two have taken the duct tape off the kiss me which is absolutely horrible because they always undress me during but at least I have an idea of what is happening to me. I am crying and sweaty I think that it is all over now though. 'Why God does this have to happen to me, please get me out of here

"You can go in now." I hear someone outside say and the door opens again. I am already hurt bad enough physically because even though I want them to get through it quick that makes it hurt more. With light footsteps the person goes behind me then unties my handcuffs and I pull my knees to my chest crying I know that he is gonna pull out a knife when he does me. The man gets  on the bed kneeling in front of me slowly peeling off the duct tape which means he will probably kiss me. Next thing he does surprises me he starts to mess with the handcuffs then softly takes off the blindfold. I look down and see that the handcuffs are off but made small slits on my wrists though. I look up and see Louis sitting in front of me still in his tank top. 

"Louis Are you part of this?" I say feeling the tears still stream down my face. 

"Of course not I had to come here to save you but I think I am too late I am so sorry this happened to you its all my fault." He says and I see in his eyes that he is telling the truth. I suprise myself when I hug him after he says that. 

"It isnt your fault Louis." I say. 

"Yes it is you were first taken when you were on your way to see me then when you fell asleep in my arms I let them take you." Louis argues pulling out of the hug. He takes off his tank top putting it on me leaving him shirtless. Then he picks up the jacket wrapping it around my waist covering the see through shorts. 

"I'm sorry about your shirt." I say. 

"No it is okay he could destroy all my shirts if he doesn't hurt you but it is a little late for that." Louis says. 

"How are we gonna get out of here?" I ask him. 

"Lets see where that door goes." He says standing up and I follow behind him. Louis opens up the door and I grab his hand but he doesn't pull away. We start to walk down the dark hallway and the door at the end is the exit. Louis jerks the door open and lets me go out first then locks the men in. 

"We need to get you home." He says texting someone on his phone. 

"Come on."He says walking away from the warehouse, but only a little. After about 5 minutes a car pulls up and he gets in the back seat and gestures for me to come in behind him. The guy driving looks Louis age maybe a little younger he makes a u-turn then starts heading back in the direction he came. 

"Sophia this is my best mate Harry." Louis introduces. 

"Hi." I reply shakily.

"Ello love." He replies with a cheeky smile. 

"Everything is gonna be okay." Louis says putting his arm around me. I start to fight against it thinking it was one of them and start to cry a bit. 

"Sophia you don't have to be scared I am not going to hurt you." Louis whispers and I calm down realizing that is its only him. 

"Are you okay?" Harry asks not freaked out that I did that but sounding concerned. 

"No." I shake my head. 

"What happened?" Harry asks. 

"Haz don't." Louis says harshly. 

"Sorry I didn't mean to." Harry says. 

"It is fine Harry I didn't mean to snap it is just." Louis starts then whispers something in Harry's ear. 

"Oh my God that is horrible don't worry Sophia we are not gonna hurt you." Harry says and I nod slowly as we pull up to my house. 

"Do you want us to come in with you?" Louis asks. 

"Yeah I'd appreciate that." I say getting out of the car with Louis behind me. Harry gets out of the car and follows us inside the house then shuts and locks the door. 

"Sophia I was so worried what happened." Kailegh says running up and hugging me. 

"You can ask Harry." Louis says and looks up seeing Harry. 

"Okay." She says letting go of me then going over to Harry I think she has a crush. 

Kailegh's POV

I walk over to the handsome boy with precious dark brown curly hair and green eyes. 

"Hi I'm Kaileigh Sophia's best friend." I introduce. 

"I'm Harry Louis' my best mate." Harry says shaking my hand. 

"Do you know what happened to my best friend?" I ask. 

"She was raped by 5 diffrent guys today two yesterday." He tells me. 

"Oh my God I am glad Louis was there to help her." I say shocked. 

"Well maybe I can be there for you like we could go get an ice cream or something." Harry says. 

"Yeah I'd like that." I say smiling. 

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