One Look and I fell into Pieces

A young girl named, Sophia Eva just happens to meet a mysterious guy... They fall in love... But will there first site love last? What has he hasn't told her? Will it be all chocolate and roses ... Or will it crumble into pieces in front of her eyes...


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6. Chapter 5: Healing the wounds

Sophia's P.O.V

Hearing those exact word 'I love you' , my heart melted. Everything in which had just happened was just deleted from my memory. Smiling, but didn't know how to respond... after a minute, "I think I am falling in love with you as well"

As he touch my check, smoothing it with his gentle hands... closing my eyes and that is when...

Flash backs, of what just happen, it like I would never be happy, it just could... ruining the moment.  The thought of it made me feel nauseated and on the edge of vomiting. Remembering and forever imprinted in my mind on the recent events, when it was just about to get better.

Throwing me onto the bed. Terrified, scared and screaming for my life. For all I knew I was dead. "you can scream as loud as you can but no one can hear you, pointless". Then feeling the coldness of his touch, struggling but couldn't fight against these men. Touching my cheek and every part of my body. Constantly crying and knowing it was useless fighting against them... I was a small, defenseless individual compared two strong men.

The pain in which they gave me, screaming and they continued. It was never ending.

Hearing stories similar about this, but never imagined that only day it would happen to me. Standing on the front porch, then the lights turned on and I was switched back with reality. 

"come inside, I was crazy worried about you" Kaliegh said. She probably noticed us. Louis gave her a stare in which meant, 'don't talk about it now' look. Walking inside, she left me and Louis alone in the living room.

Louis could probably see it in my eyes, trauma running through my mind. He embraced me with a gentle cuddle, thinking it was the two men... fighting against him. He began to brush my hair and saying        

"shh... everything would be okay... I am here now" in a comforting tone.

Realizing it was Louis, looking up to reassure me. Kissing my forehead, I began to sob on his white tank top. Still... froze, releasing all my tears onto his white tank top. I felt sorry I was already wearing his T-shirt and pulled back, wiping the remaining of my tears. 

"sorry" I said. Looking at his shirt

"it is okay, you know I would do anything to protect you"

"thanks" I really need to hear those words, especially 'protect'.

As he holds me tighter, knowing I was safe when he is around. I let out a small 'ouch' , placing my hand on my stomach and my thigh. 

"sorry, are you hurt?" he looked me in the eyes.

"yes" I spoke honestly, placing my hand on my stomach. There was no point denying it.

Louis began to look at me, and looked at stomach and realize the bruising and the cuts I had. Placed his hand on my stomach and sighed, "we would get through this... together". He said

Thinking to myself, he is truly a gentleman. To only met me with a glimpse but protect me through any way he could. Placing his blazer and T-shirt on me when we were at the park and now... comforting me through any way he could.

It was almost morning.

"go to sleep, you need some rest" looking in his blue eyes gave me reassurance, to trust... to be in his embrace... I slowly began closing my eyes and fall asleep.

Kaliegh's P.O.V

As I walked through the kitchen. Looking over to the clock, handing on the kitchen wall... it was 1:25 am. Scratching my hair, and grabbing a glass of water. Then I notice, looking towards the living room seeing Louis and Sophia both embraced in each others arms. I knew my baby sis was alright. I was her only best friends, considering how may times we had to move because of our parents. Only a year had separated us. I could only imagine what our parent would think if they knew, but they wouldn't... they are so busy with work. I barely see them nowadays. Walking back upstairs and switching all the lights off expect the ones in the living room... Checking the door is locked. I glanced back at them, she seemed so peacefully and context, compared to when she first walked through the doors.

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