One Look and I fell into Pieces

A young girl named, Sophia Eva just happens to meet a mysterious guy... They fall in love... But will there first site love last? What has he hasn't told her? Will it be all chocolate and roses ... Or will it crumble into pieces in front of her eyes...


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4. Chapter 3: Sudden Change...

Sophia's P.O.V

I just can't believe what just happen. My crazy best friend has just invite me to met a complete stranger in the park! But it is a handsome stranger... And you never know, he could be the one. Thinking of that thought made be blush. As I hurried myself to get a move on getting ready...

"hurry up, you're going to be late... It's not like you are going to marry him or something. I'm sure he'd like you just the way you look. " she said sarcastically.

"but maybe he wouldn't, I just want things to work out. By the way he is just unbelievably handsome ! " "well, you can't let him wait any longer" she gave me a small smile and said "go follow her heart" As I smiled back at her, running out of the door.

Kaliegh P.O.V

I am so happy for her, following her heart. Hopefully things with work out... And things do work out and one day they get marry, she will look back at this day and thank me. Hopefully things will, especially what had happened to her in recently boyfriend or should I say EX boyfriend.

Sophia's P.O.V

As I was walking towards the park, anxiously awaiting for what things that this meeting or encounter will bring. As I was fixing and organizing my hair. Twisting and turning it, curling it around my fingers, smiling. Feeling like a school girl and her crush came and kissed her... Feeling my cheeks quickly burning up, assuming they were are bight red at this moment. As I was fixing my lace pink dress... Walking like a little small school girl... Listening to the background noises surrounding me. Suddenly I heard the sound of a car or van pulling up. I nervously turned my head to have a glimpse at the vehicle. It was a white van which looked rusted and quite old. As I moved quickly, I notice the car did, also. My heart was racing a thousand kilometers per hour. Wanting to call someone but at the same time anxious and scared of what lies inside of the van.

It constantly followed me for awhile. It wasn't until I started to bolt and screamed for help. Unknowingly, the van door opens wide open and next thing is next.... I was taken... Kidnapped and held hostage against my will.

Louis (guy she met on the streets of Paris and awaiting for Sophia)P.O.V

As I was awaiting for the most beautiful girl I just met. Holding a red rose, smelling and pressing it against my nose. Dressed up in a suit, I wanted to make a good impression. I was hoping things would work out for us. The first time we met, it was like we have known each other for ages. Then when we touched hands, I knew there was a connection and she felt it too... All I have to do is wait... and see what happens

Sophia P.O.V

Knocked out, feeling the dizzy pain run through my body. 'where am I?' I thought... Bring myself to the realization of what just occurred. Figuring out if it was real or just a dream. As I was making noises getting up, I over heard two men. "what do you want to do with her" laughed one of the men. Feeling beaten up and pain all over my body... this wasn't a dream... it was a reality nightmare!

Trying to hold in my sneeze. But my alleges where horrible. Especially around flowers and gardens. Even though I love nature. It is just my hay-fever just don't agree. It hit me, I must be near a garden. My eyesight is still blurred, headaches beginning. I could hold it any longer *Achoo!* I heard one of the men coming to the back and I stared a him in the eye. I would see pain through his hazel eyes. Next thing was next, everything just blanked out.

Kaliegh P.O.V

I stared to walk towards the park, realizing all the situations Sophia could be, she hasn't called or anything... She promise she would text me when she was at the park or met the guy. Oh.. The rush of anxiousness run through me. Hoping for the best, but having the feeling of the inevitable occurring...

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