One Look and I fell into Pieces

A young girl named, Sophia Eva just happens to meet a mysterious guy... They fall in love... But will there first site love last? What has he hasn't told her? Will it be all chocolate and roses ... Or will it crumble into pieces in front of her eyes...


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2. Chapter 1: Back to the start.

Sophia Eva P.O.V
Rewinding the time I first laid eyes on you... The day were my life turned up side down. This is were my story begins...
It was a shivering Friday afternoon, walking down the streets of paris. With my long coat and hat on my head .... I though it was cool.. Feeling the shiver down my spine. Cuddling up in my scarf. As I was walking down with my head down, thinking about random things.... Life more on the lines of that. Not looking in which direction I was heading... Bumping into a complete stranger.
" I am so sorry" I said, helping him with the items in which he dropped "here, let me help you"
As I was picking up his items... Our hands touch... Next minute I was in lock with this deep blue eyes. I froze... I notice the way his eye stare directly at I was t he only person in the one else surrounding us... Just him and him...ohh on how I wished that moment didn't ended...
"umm... Is this yours" he spoke. Noticing the phone he was handing to me. Realizing my saliva was about to come out.
"ahh... Yeah.. Thanks " I said humbly.

Walking away... Watching him just walk away.. For a very long time , I felt my heart skip a beat, butterflies in my stomach... Could u really fall in love with someone you just meet? Or am I being delusional?
Looking back at my phone ... As I was about to ring somebody... Realized a number ... A new number in which I didn't have before... Looking at the number... I suddenly see... On my notes, "call me, sometime"
Excited... Should I can him now or wait. I said to myself... Isn't there a rule, where u can't call a guy within three days , otherwise he will think you are desperate.... Funny thing.. I am... It was like love at first site...

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