More than this.

Holly and her bestfriend Amanda is moving to London after graduating.
But what they didn't thought was that after only one day they were in the middle of paparazzis and a famous boyband.

This is my first fanfic, please read and comment what you think! :)


1. England


Holly's P.O.V:

We sat on the airplane on our way to London. Amanda was sleeping in the seat next to me. I was to excited to sleep so I decided to read my book "the lucky one". It was so good! I looked up whit a feeling that someone was watching me. When I looked over the airplane I saw that a brown haird guy whit chocolate brown eyes. He was really good looking and when he saw that I had seen him he blushed. He walked toward me. I started to get nervous. 

"Hey, I'm Liam." 

"Hi, I'm Holly."

"What are you reading?" 

"Oh, the lucky one." I could feel my cheeks getting red. 

"Where are you heading to?"

"Me and my friend are moving to London." I said while looking over to Amanda, that was still asleep. 

"Oh, I live in London!" 

"Really? Maybe we could meet up sometime?" 

"Yeah, ofcourse. Can I get your number?" He said while reaching me his phone. 


"Put on your seatbelt and prepare for landing." The flight attendant said. 

"Oh, I need to get back to my seat. Call me later?" 

"Yeah, ofcourse! Bye!" I shaked Amanda to tell her we where landing. She woke up and put on her seatbelt. 

*In the cab on our way to the flat.*

"Ohh, I am sooo excited!" Amanda almost screamed. 

"Me to! And I have to tell you about a fantastic thing that happend on the airplane!" Then I told her everything about Liam. She acreamed of happiness and hoped that he had some cute friends! 

When we arrived at the flat, we where so happy we almost bursted. We walked up the stairs and I squeezed the key in my hand. I unlocked the door and stepped in. Everything was so big! My jaw dropped and either one of us could say anything. We just stood there and looked. 

"Oh, my, god." Amanda broke the silence. She jumped around and screamed. I ran up to her and we just jumped around in our new apartment. When we finally could talk we started walking around and searching through all the rooms. Since our stuff is not comming in a couple of hours we decided to go out and see London a little. 

"Can we call that guy?" Amanda said hopefully. 

"Liam? I don't know.. it's a little soon.. I don't want him to think I'm obsessed.." 

"Ohh, come on!, please!" 

"Okay.." I texted Liam: 'Hey, me and my friend was gonna go out for some food. Wanna join? :) x' I shoved the massege to Amanda that was jumping of joy. Three minutes later I got a text that said: 'Yeah, me and the boys is comming! Where  do you guys wanna eat? :) x' 

"Ohh, NANDO'S! I allways wanted to test nando's!" 

"Okay, nando's it is!" I texted him back and sais that we where gonna meet them at 16:00 at nando's. Sience the clock was 14:55 now we decided to get ready. 

I decided to take a shower. I turned on the water and took of all my clothes. I threw them in a nice little pile on the floor and steped into the shower. The warm water against my cold skin made me shiver. I took shampoo in my hair and conditioner. When I was done whit my shower I made my way to my bag. I took up a pair of skinny light blue jeans and a red polo. I blowdried my long brown wavy hair and let it be natrual. I took on just a little mascara. When I was ready I looked at my iPhone it was 15:45. I took one last peak in the mirror and then walked over to Amandas room. She stood in front of the mirror putting on makeup. She looked really pretty in grey jeans and an cute purple tanktop, she had her hair tied up in a ponytail. I had to admitt it I was jealous over how pretty she was. 

"Hey, you look really pretty!"

"Thanks, you too!" I hugged her and we walked downstairs. I put on my red toms and Amanda her black vans. Sience we almost lived in the city we walked. 

When we arrived at nando's amanda started to scream. 

"Look, it's one direction!" She said to me. I allways knew she liked them but never realy liked myself. She pointed at five guys that sat at one of the tables. 

"Is that one direction?"

"Yeah, why?" 

"Because, Liam sits there." She pulled me away to the side.

"Liam, Liam Payne is the guy from the plane?" 

"Yeah, apparently.." We where going to have dinner whit one direction. 


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