How Did I Deserve This?

Melissa was just and ordinary girl until one night she hears screaming and then a knock at the door. Melissa and her friends had always been massive directioners so what happens when the people standing outside her door happen to be the biggest boy band in the world. Well you have to read and find out.


13. ZAYN DID WHAT!?!?!?

Zayn's P.O.V

I don't think Josh knew how lucky he was to have Melissa as a best friend.  He took it for granted I could tell.  Or was it jealousy? Well whatever it was I didn't like the dude.  I could tell he liked Melissa but I didn't want to say anything or she would probably get mad at me and at the moment I don't think she could afford to get mad at any of us other's.  She was still kind of mad at Harry.  Ok this dude is really pissing me off now what is his problem.  Dose he think were dating or something... Ha i wish.  Ok this is getting beyond the joke he keeps giving me death stares I couldn't keep it in anymore.  
"Dude what's your problem?" I asked obviously mad.
"I don't know what you're talking about" He replied like a smart ass.  I couldn't take it anymore the next thing I knew my hand was connected with his face and he fell to the ground clearly frightened of what I might do next.  

Josh's P.O.V

Ok I'll admit it I was being a smart ass to Zayn and I kind of did deserve that but I could tell he liked Melissa he was looking at her all funny and I didn't like it.  I could tell the other boys liked her to but she seemed to like Zayn the most so i got pissed.  I wanted to show her what a bad person he is.

Melissa's P.O.V

I know i have only known them for a few days but I loved those boys like brothers.  I figured out I didn't like Louis anymore than a friend but there was something about Liam that got me so nervous around him.  He was so sweet and kind and I knew he would never hurt me.  We had the weakest relationship out of us all and Louis and I were probably the strongest.  It was probably because I got so nervous around Liam we never talked.  Just then i snapped out of my thoughts when i heard someone scream in pain.  It sounded like Josh.
"Shit" I cursed under my breath.  I ran downstairs to find Zayn's fists clenched they were white then i saw Josh with a bleeding nose looking up at Zayn in fear.  
"Your 'FRIEND' Zayn just punched me in the face" Josh told me.
"ZAYN DID WHAT!?!?!?" I asked furiously.
"Melissa is was only because he was-" I cut him off.
"Save it Zayn.  Come on Josh come with me and we'll get you some tissues to clean you nose" I told him.
"But Melissa I swear" That's all I heard of before Zayn's voice trail off as i walked into the kitchen.

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