How Did I Deserve This?

Melissa was just and ordinary girl until one night she hears screaming and then a knock at the door. Melissa and her friends had always been massive directioners so what happens when the people standing outside her door happen to be the biggest boy band in the world. Well you have to read and find out.


28. Shocked

Melissa's P.O.V

I haven't heard from Hollie in a while I wonder what has happened with her.  I decided to call her and tell her the news.
*Ring Ring*
No answer damn it.
"Li Li have you heard from Louis lately?"  I asked him.
"No why cupcake?"  He asked.
"Because I haven't heard from Hollie in about a week.  And I tried calling her then but she didn't answer.  I'm really starting to worry."  I told him.
"Well that is kind of strange now that you mention it.  I'll go try calling Louis now."  He said and walked off.

*1 week later*

I still haven't heard from Hollie or Louis.  I am starting to get worried sick.  But what's worrying me even more is the wedding.  We have decided to have it in a few months.  Now don't get me wrong I am very exited but without any calls or texts from Hollie or Louis it was making me want to just break  down.  My phone rang.  I quickly picked it up hoping it was either Hollie or Louis.  But it was none.
"Hello."  I said through the phone.
"Hello Melissa remember me?"  I was shocked.  No it couldn't be.
"Who is this?"  I asked.
"Ohh don't play dumb with me.  Don't you remember that night I cut you and gave you that scar?"  The person said.
"Brad.  What the hell have you done with Hollie and Louis?"  I said angrily but still mad at the same time.
"Oh Louis is fine.  It's your friend Hollie you should be concerned about.  I didn't do much just shot her in the stomach.  She is in Hospital now.  But don't worry you're next.  And that little fiancée of yours as well."
"Liam has nothing to do with anything.  Leave him alone."
"Oh but they are not my orders.  I have to always follow my orders."
"Why are you doing this?"
"Oh it's not me it's the person paying me to do it."
"Who is paying you to do this?  I have never done anything to hurt anyone."
"Are you sure about that.  Ahh silly little girl you will just have to wait and see."  And that was it he just hung up.  What was I going to do I had to tell Li Li.  And I also had to call the police.  At least I knew some of the information that would be useful in a case like this one.
"Li Li I have to tell you something."  I said as I walked downstairs.
"What is it Cupcake?"  He said.
"Well...  Umm...  Brad's back."  That's all I said before bursting into tears in Liam's arms while he comforted me.

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