How Did I Deserve This?

Melissa was just and ordinary girl until one night she hears screaming and then a knock at the door. Melissa and her friends had always been massive directioners so what happens when the people standing outside her door happen to be the biggest boy band in the world. Well you have to read and find out.


11. Just Friends

Zayn's P.O.V

I watched Melissa and Louis leave the house.  It was so obvious how much Louis liked her and as much as I did to I really wanted to ask her out but I don't know if she would have trusted me or any of the other boys at this point because of what happened with Harry.  Even though none of them told me what happened it was obvious that Harry would have cheated on her even before they started going out.  He was so mean to girls he acted as if none of them even had feelings.

Liam's P.O.V

Thank god the fans left but we weren't going to leave we wanted to stay with Melissa until her mum came back from work in about another 2 weeks which was good because then we could get to know her better.  She seemed like such an awesome person I really wanted her to come on tour but knowing her mum for only a few days you were easily able to see how over protective she was of her.

Niall's P.O.V

I think I had found my princess.  She was so amazing she didn't care about what people thought of her and she was so pretty.  I think I'm in love.

Louis P.O.V

I saw Harry kiss Melissa then she slapped him on the face hard. HAHAHAHA i thought he deserved that so bad then he gave her a hug and she hugged him back at least there still friends.  
"Harry" I yelled to get his attention.  He looked over then started walking.  He kept giving me death stares the whole ride back to Melissa's house.  And i knew exactly why.  
"What the hell Harry?" I said to him.
"What?" He asked.
"You keep giving me death stares what's up with that mate?"I asked.
"Oh nothing" He answered.
"So are you guys going out now?" I asked him.
"No we're just friends" He answered he sounded pretty upset about that.  Then the rest of the car trip was in silence...

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