How Did I Deserve This?

Melissa was just and ordinary girl until one night she hears screaming and then a knock at the door. Melissa and her friends had always been massive directioners so what happens when the people standing outside her door happen to be the biggest boy band in the world. Well you have to read and find out.


15. I Trust You

Liam's P.O.V

I woke up snuggled up to Melissa it was about 3:00am so I picked Melissa up bridal style and carried her to bed.  I decided we could sleep in the same bed because we were a couple now but no funny business.  I wanted to be a mature boyfriend.  She woke up a little.
"Hey babe." I whispered to her and kissed her forehead.
"What time is it?" She asked.
"About 3:30 Everyone else is asleep." I told her.
"Liam come here we got interrupted before in the kitchen when Hollie walked in." So i did.  We kissed for about 5 minutes before we pulled away then I looked into her eyes and she looked into mine the next thing we knew we were both kissing again.  She was such an amazing kisser I can't believe Harry would hurt her like he did.  But I'm happy he did because then we would have never been together and I wouldn't be having such a great time kissing her.

Melissa's P.O.v

We fell back asleep about half an hour after we kissed and talked.  Then before i knew it my alarm went off I woke up but Liam must have already been up before the alarm because he was already awake just staring at me.
 "Good morning beautiful." He kissed my cheek and I got up I got out her uniform and went into the bathroom to get ready for school.  I came out about half an hour later feeling better than ever then we walked downstairs to find all the other boys and Hollie eating breakfast.  Hollie didn't have her uniform here so I lent her one of mine.  We ate breakfast with the others and then walked upstairs to my room we shut the door and started kissing again then my phone went off.  It was a text from Hollie
Hollie: Sorry to disturb you 2 lovebirds but we have to get going.
Me: Ok I'll be right down.
I walked downstairs Liam behind me I asked him if he could drive us to school he said he didn't have his licence yet so we ended up walking.

Hollie's P.O.V

Ok Melissa and Liam would not get away from each other it was so adorable.  They made the cutest couple ever.  But I had to admit I had a huge crush on Niall.  But I knew I would I would never get him i could tell how much he liked Melissa.

Josh's P.O.V

This was making me sick whenever I looked at Melissa she was with Liam.  The next thing I know it's going to be Liam this Liam that.  But I have to admit they did look cute together.  I walked over to Hollie even though we have never really talked so I thought maybe we should now because Melissa and Liam were in there own little fantasy land together.  
"Hey Hollie what do you think of Melissa and Liam?" I asked.
"Naww there just the cutest couple ever!" She replied.  With that I just walked off really upset.

Jacinta's P.O.V

I see Melissa turn up at school snuggled up to.... Liam Payne? She told me she was going out with Harry well I guess it didn't work out but I was completely jealous I knew she would get a boyfriend soon enough she always gets them no matter what.

Hayley's P.O.V

OH MY GOD THAT SLUT!!!!!!! First Harry and now Liam well who cares I'll just do the same to Liam as what I done to Harry that'll get her all upset again.

Liam's P.O.V

"Babe you should go to the principle and tell her you will be staying the day." She told me.
"Yes I sure will just to be with you." I told her.
I kissed her cheek then went into the direction of the office when a girl stood in front of me.
"Hey I'm Hayley."  She said as she got up awfully close what was wrong with her she knew Melissa was my girlfriend.  I knew she knew because I saw her staring at us while we were walking into the school.  
"Erm I'm Liam and I have a girlfriend so go away please." I told her.
"Oh no I want to get to know you better." She told me.
"NO GO AWAY I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND AND I WILL NOT FLIRT WITH ANOTHER GIRL THAT I DON'T EVEN KNOW!" I yelled at her and Melissa must of heard me because seconds later she was over here.  
"What you want to kiss Liam as well bitch?" She asked.
"Matter of fact yes I did." Hayley replied sounding like a smart little bitch who couldn't think of anything better to do.  Before I knew it Melissa had punched Hayley and Hayley was on the ground crying.
"Come on Liam let's go to the office together before another girl tries to come flirt with you." She said angrily.
"Babe you don't have to be so protective I would never do anything to hurt you." I told her.
"I believe you Liam.  I trust you."  And with that she put her lips on mine and we kissed for about 30 seconds before we walked to the office.  As we walked I whispered in her ear
"I trust you to"

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