How Did I Deserve This?

Melissa was just and ordinary girl until one night she hears screaming and then a knock at the door. Melissa and her friends had always been massive directioners so what happens when the people standing outside her door happen to be the biggest boy band in the world. Well you have to read and find out.


3. Class

Josh's P.O.V

After Melissa ran I looked over at Kyle he was staring at me and trying to hold in the laughter until Melissa was out of sight then he started laughing like a lunatic.
"What?"  I asked him really puzzled.
"Do you know how obvious you make it?"  He asked.
"What do you mean?"  He was so confusing at times.
"You like Melissa."  He said.
"No I don't!"  I replied a little to quick.  "I mean no I don't."  I looked away I couldn't let him see how embarrassed I was.  Just then the bell rang.  We walked up to class and Melissa wasn't there yet she was usually one of the first to get to class.  I thought not to worry and to get on with class.  

*Half an hour later*

Where was she? I had to go look for her she is one of my best friends.  
"Uuummm exuse me miss can i please go to the toilet?"
"Yes Josh but don't be to long." Our teacher replied.
"Thanks."  I looked everywhere i couldn't find her. Then I heard crying and I new that cry anywhere.  I hear it when she get's upset over bullies and I try to comfort her.  Then I went around a corner and there she was.  "Melissa what's wrong with you?"
'H-hollie and J-j-jemima and JJ d-ditched me because t-they think I-I-I h-hate the-them."  I then gave her a hug and she was crying into my chest then I told her to come back up to class and she did.

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