Coincidental love.

My name is Rebecca, I am a singer. Somehow, 2 years ago, I ended up on X-Factor, only winning up to 5th place. I didn't even notice how good I was, all the people who voted for me. Then I remember that one Irish guy who hadn't won first place but they were pretty close. You all know him. Niall Horan. 2 years later here he is, on his career, and here I am, Niall James Horan's girlfriend.


2. Unexpected Guest.

"Drew?" My light brown eyes widened at the sight. Drew was one of my exes, he broke up with me before I went to X factor.
"I missed you." bullshit. After he broke up with me, I had broken everything in my room, and my mum had to buy everything again, she didn't get mad because she understood what I was going through. My best friend, Justin, came over and comforted me that night. I forgot that I was remembering all these events and he was still here. I cleared my throat and looked back at him.

"I missed you too." adding a fake smile in return. Did he really miss me? Like what he said last time he left me? All the trust from him crumbled, just like what I did when he beat me. Would I fall for him again?

My thoughts were interrupted when they called my name to go on stage. I waved goodbye to him in the most friendliest matter, and walked onto the stage. I took deep breaths.
"Rebecca's last night is tonight, just like everyone else. In a bit we will count all the votes to see who wins. It's between One Direction, her, and Little Mix. Let's give it up for Rebecca!" The woman on tv announced. I started to sing.

"Gotta change that answering machine, now that I'm alone. 'Cause right now it says that we, can't get to the phone. And I know it makes no sense, cause you walked out the door."

The audience clapped again, and I smiled from eye to eye. You gotta say that it was a wide smile. I saw Niall in the crowd smiling back at me, which made me blush. One of the guys whooped and hollered, and I laughed. I got off stage and when I turned around and widened my eyes as someone's lips pressed against mine.

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