Coincidental love.

My name is Rebecca, I am a singer. Somehow, 2 years ago, I ended up on X-Factor, only winning up to 5th place. I didn't even notice how good I was, all the people who voted for me. Then I remember that one Irish guy who hadn't won first place but they were pretty close. You all know him. Niall Horan. 2 years later here he is, on his career, and here I am, Niall James Horan's girlfriend.


3. Stop with the flashbacks!

I backed up to see Drew centimeters away from my lips. I slapped him and ran outside, face in my hands crying. I huddled to the closest corner and my lips were shaking. I ran my fingers across them, why? Why had he kissed me? Was it really true, all the bullshit and lies, became the truth? No. No no no no no. I shook my head in disagreement with myself, with each hand on the side of my head. It's not true. I cried, my tears choking me, making me feel like I'm dying. I buried my head into my knees and I guess I drifted off to sleep.

That was the day I ended up at the guys' flat. The day that me and Niall got closer. Our first date. First kiss. A lot happened that day. It was so clear. Their management said that they had seen me in the corner, and Niall had picked me up and quickly got into the flat to take care of me. It's funny, because it's like Snow White and the Seven Dwarves but the only difference is that they aren't short, and there are only five of them. I giggled remembering this, and Niall instantly saw this and poked my cheek.

"What's so funny babe?" he asked with a cute little smile on his face. Ahh that smile makes me melt, so much. 
"Nah, it's nothing. I was just remembering the day we met." He instantly smiled and intertwined our fingers together, giving me a peck on the nose. He's so cute.
"Nothing? C'mon babygirl, that day was something. If Drew hadn't kissed you I wouldn't even have fallen for you." Niall made a face when he had to say the name Drew, so did I. We both had a burning hatred for him, for certain things of course. 
"Yeah, it was nothing. Nothing compared to now of course."
"Corny ass motherfucker." I laughed. He's so innocent, the way he cusses makes him sound like a dork.
"You suck you know that?"
"I suck your clit, yes, yes I do." I punch him lightly on the shoulder.
"Niall James Horan!" I started laughing so hard I fell on the floor, taking Niall along with me.
"You know you like it." He winked.
"Even if I hadn't felt that sensation yet." I rolled my eyes and muttered under my breath.
"Hmm what? What was that you say? You want me to?"
"Noooo, well. yes but shush."
"GUYS! REBECCA ASHLYNN WANTS ME T--" I cut him off by covering his mouth. He licked my hand.
"You love me!" He whined and whimpered while doing those cute puppy eyes of his.
"Ah. Fine. You win. But no kissing until nighttime." I smiled innocently.
"Are you serious Becca. Are you kidding me."
"No, not really." I stuck my tongue out and he started to tickle me. Man, wasn't I lucky to have him.

"Uh... guys?" A body appeared at the door before I even got to speak.

(A.N. YES. I LOVE CLIFF HANGERS, hahah, so don't be surprised each chapter ends with one. love you all, or, 4 of you haha<3 )

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