Coincidental love.

My name is Rebecca, I am a singer. Somehow, 2 years ago, I ended up on X-Factor, only winning up to 5th place. I didn't even notice how good I was, all the people who voted for me. Then I remember that one Irish guy who hadn't won first place but they were pretty close. You all know him. Niall Horan. 2 years later here he is, on his career, and here I am, Niall James Horan's girlfriend.


1. 2 years ago.

"Ms. Independent, that's why I love her. She got her own thing, so why won't she, spend a little time.." I started to sing the chorus of the song by Ne Yo, Ms. Independent. I heard the woops and hollering in my ears. Those screams out there, were for me. I didn't know I would get this far, or even be on this stage right now.

I inhaled and exhaled slowly through my nose, tired from all the singing and work I did on the stage, all the judges gave me a thumbs up, and my name plus the number you had to vote for me were up on the screen. I made signals for people to vote for me. I wasn't the prettiest or talented girl in the world, but you had to give it a shot, don't you?

"Up next, One Direction!" The girl on tv had announced followed by screaming of cheering fans. I sighed, they were amazing. To be up against them? I doubt that I would win. They got the looks, the hair, everything. The voices, their personalities too. Louis the sassy queen, Zayn the conceited one. Harry the flirt with the curls, and Liam the innocent Daddy Direction. Then the last one, Niall. Niall the Nandos lover, cute Irish accent, blonde hair and light blue eyes. He was perfect.

She hadn't notice she was thinking about him and had bumped into a wall. She didn't even realize she was walking. 
"Oof!" I held my hand to my head which was now throbbing, and got up slowly to regain my balance. I almost fell on my butt again but before I could, someone had caught me.
"Don't want to be fallin' down the second time aye?" I was dizzy, and that cute Irish accent was...

CUTE IRISH ACCENT?! Excuse me while I faint in your arms. Was it him? I turned myself around to look up, and I was 100 percent sure it was Niall, not Bubble from the PowerPuff Girls. I giggled at his remark. 
"I didn't even notice that you saw that. I'm so sorry, I'm such a clutz." I blushed.
"It's alright babe. Things happen. Hey, I'm Niall. You're Rebecca right?" He held out his hand for me to shake, and I most certainly did.
"Yup. The one and only Rebecca Ashlynn. I do know you're Niall Horan, but don't you have to go on stage?" I saw Simon signaling Niall to go along with him. I pointed toward Simon while Niall's eyes led my finger.
"I do haha. I totally forgot, sorry babe, I'll catch you later!" He had jog-ran to the stage and I sat there, watching on the tv, basically dying at Niall's part. Hmph, if only I was good enough. 

"Rebecca?" I turned around, and I couldn't believe my eyes. Could it be?


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