New Beginings

Hannah has had a tough past in more ways then one, but can she push that aside and let Harry in? Read to find out


9. Vacations :)

This is like my longest chapter yet! I had alot of free time so i just wrote and wrote and wrote until i couldnt anymore.



It’s been a few a few months since I’ve seen the boys but we do keep in contact; and I bet your wondering who called? Well it was Harry he was wondering if we wanted to take a 2 week vacation with them the summer, so now in four days I’m meeting the boys at the Toronto airport to go to Jamaica. I’ve kind of been in a slump lately so hopefully this will help me get over it. My slump has been caused by Cody, she got a boyfriend and spends all her time with him so I’m alone all the time. And yes I have more than her as a friend but it’s not the same. All I’ve been doing lately is working over time I’m on top of my game which is why Jen let me take a month off work instead of just the two I asked for; plus she’s paying me for the two weeks I’m on vacation nothing longer than that. With me working all the over time I’ve gotten more money enough money to buy myself a red ford escape.


I put my suitcase in the trunk of my car then drove over to Cody’s condo; I knocked on the door and waited for a good 5 minutes till she answered. “Bout time” “Sorry I was saying good bye to Kenyon” I smiled sweetly pointing to her boyfriend coming this way “Hey Hannah” “Kenyon” I said plainly “Are you still mad at me for what I said in the 9th grade? I though you would have grown up. Guess not” He said roughly “Whatever Kenyon I don’t care for you or what you think, let’s go Cody” I said grabbing her suitcase out of Kenyon’s hands “Don’t need to be so rude to him Hannah” she snapped “Cody you know how I feel about him ok. And you knew how I felt when you got into a relationship with him. Let’s just go before we are late” I replied calmly trying to hide my anger “Fine!” she hissed. I just rolled my eyes while she practically devoured her boyfriends face. Just as I got to my car Cody came running over; “Why are you so rude to him?” Cody snapped “Cody I don’t like him I never have, how many times are we going to go over this” I sighed getting into the driver seat while Cody got in the other side. “But I just don’t understand why you can’t move on from like 5 years ago” “Cody it’s not just that, it’s his attitude towards everything and everyone” I hesitated; Cody just sighed and nodded.


We checked in our luggage and now we are looking for the boys; I pulled my bag over my shoulder and sighed. “This place is huge we are never going to find them” Cody said throwing her hands up in defeat “No yes we can, just listen to see if you can hear Niall because usually you will hear him before you see him” I replied not ready to give up “What are you gonna do if Niall still likes you?” I asked looking in the food area “Shit! I don’t know” she groaned I just laughed. “Wait! Listen” I said hushing her “OH MY GOD LOUIS YOUR SOO FUNNY HAHAHAHAHA” “Found them” I smiled big running to where the sound was coming from. The escalator. I waved and started to smile really big when Harry came running down the escalator to hug me; “Oh my god I missed you!” I squealed hugging Harry really tight “I missed you too!” he replied kissing my cheek. “Well I missed you to Hannah” Louis said sarcastically not looking me in the eyes. I rolled my eyes and jumped in his arms “OH LOU! I missed you so much” I yelled over dramatically “I missed you too best friend” Louis replied wiping fake tears. I laughed and hugged everyone. “Hannah how are you wearing thick sweats? We are going to Jamaica” Liam asked looking at me as if I had three eyes “Well obviously Harry didn’t tell you or he forgot; But in the 9th grade I lived there for like 6-7 months and in the 8th grade I spent all summer there and in the 7th grade I spent all of march there” “Seriously?” Niall asked “Yup!” I replied popping the ‘p’ “Lucky” Louis whined. I just shook my head and laughed. “Flight number 27 to Jamaica is now boarding” I lady spoke through the intercom “Yay! I dibs sitting next to Harry!” I yelled “Wanna sit next to me that bad huh?” he smirked “Noooo, your just fun!” I replied now happy that I’m going to see some old friends. “And we’re not?” Zayn asked “that’s not what I meant” whined “I’m only kidding; don’t get your knickers in a twist” Zayn laughed “I’ll twist your knickers” I said glaring but smirking Zayn just rolled his eyes.


“How long is this flight?” Louis whined from behind me and Harry “We haven’t even been in the air for an hour Lou” I replied “Still!” “It’s only 3 hours” I smiled softening up. “So Harry what do you wanna do?” I asked smiling “Sleep” he replied “Well that’s not going to happen for awhile with me on a sugar high soooo we could play m.a.s.h or would you rather” I smiled “Okay, let’s play mash then” he replied “Give me 5 girls names, 5 jobs, 5 pets, , 5 numbers, and 5 cars” I smiled “Okay, umm Caroline flack” I rolled my eyes when he said that “Jennifer Lawrence, Frankie Sandford, Emily Atack, and Rihanna” he smiled “Okay next 5 jobs” I looked up at him from my paper “Singer, Lawyer, Badminton champion, actor, and ummm oooo and a astronaut” he said with excitement “Okay, now 5 pets” I replied giggling “Cat, tiger, lion, cougar, and bobcat” he smiled “Those are all relatively cats! That shouldn’t be allowed” I argued putting my pen down “They are a part of the Cat family, but they are all different! Now shhh and write down the 5 cars I would like” he joked “Fine” I said childishly “I would like a hybrid fisker, range rover, convertible, 1960’s Cadillac, and a Jaguar f, , and numbers 1, 0, 6, 2, 4” he smirked “Okay tell me when to stop” I said while drawing circles until “STOP” he squealed I giggled and did my thing. “Okay, Harry you are going to work as a lawyer living in an apartment with your pet bobcat, and wife Frankie and you’re 6 kids while driving a range rover” I stated “Best life ever!” he squealed again “Excuse me sir can you please keep it down?” a lady came and asked “Sorry” he smiled smugly .


“Please fasten your seatbelts and prepare for landing” the captain spoke “Harry wake up we are landing! Wake up” I spoke “Fine I’m up” he groaned rubbing his eyes “Someone’s a grumpyumpas” I sang “Sorry” he smiled sheepishly.


“Oh my god! Biggest airport ever” Niall sighed sitting in the rental car “Are you sure you know how to drive here? I could drive for you?” Liam asked worriedly “Yes Liam I can drive on the opposite side of the road, and you won’t be able to drive here trust me” I replied pulling out but hitting the brakes because someone almost hit us “Bumbarasclot pussyhole!” I screamed at the guy that almost hit us. “What was that?” Harry asked in fear “We almost DIED” Niall cried from the back “That was me yelling at a guy in Jamaican for almost hitting us, and get used to it we drive pretty fast here” I smirked. I pulled out of the airport and started to drive to the villa the boys rented. “Why are you driving so fast?” Zayn asked “Because if you don’t you could get hit” I looked at him through the mirror and smirked.


“We’re here” I said turning around and they all let out a breath at the same time as if they were holding it in fear; “you’re a bunch of babies” I said rolling my eyes and getting out. “Oh my god! Why would rent the Trinity Villa? It’s like 20 grand a week” I scrunched up my face at the boys “Only the best for the ladies” Louis said wiggling his eyebrows “I could have gotten us something cheaper” I argued “It’s over and paid for nothing you can do now” Harry said rubbing my back. “Boys who has the keys?” Cody asked “No one they are under the mat over there” Liam said pointing to a mat. I grabbed my suit case out of the trunk and walked towards the house with everyone else; “Come on Cody hurry up” I whined as she tried to unlock the door “I’m trying” she sighed “Kick the door” I ordered she did as told and the door swung open “There is only 5 rooms so two people have to share” Liam said looking around “Me and Hannah are sharing” Harry piped up “Wanna see me in my jammies that bed hey?” I raised my eyebrow “No, I wanna share because we are best friends till the end” He retorted “What about me?” Louis shrieked “Sorry Boo Bear” Harry grinned “Fine me and Cody will share then because she is my new best friend forever” He stuck up his nose and stormed off jokingly. “I’m hungry; can we go out for dinner?” Niall asked “Sure, everyone dress nice okay” I order and they nodded and went off to get ready. Me and Harry we ready before everyone so we decided to explore the house; “You look beautiful” Harry said looking down at me

(A/N: the girls outfits in the external link)

“Thanks, you don’t look so bad yourself” I smiled. I sighed “What’s wrong?” Harry asked scrunching his eyebrows together “I’m just thinking that even in these heels I’m still shorter than you” I crossed my arms “awe! It’s okay you can be my little oompa loompa” He smirked “Do I look orange to you?” I looked up at him “No but you can be my albino oompa loompa” he smiled that lopsided grin of his “Fine” I sighed in defeat. As we walked around I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful the villa is; it has a huge pool that stretches from the dining room all the way to the living room around the corner, If you go upstairs there is a stair case that leads into the pool, and there’s also a water fall coming off of the top floor. I took of my heels and put my feet in the water; “This place is amazing, you guys really didn’t have to get it though” I said looking at the stars “I know but we wanted to” he replied taking my hand “You know I feel the same about you now as a did 3 months ago” Harry said looking at me. I sighed in relief and smiled “I feel the same” I looked him in the eye “Good” Harry said leaning in and kissing me. I smiled into the kiss and pulled away “So where does this leave us?” I asked “If you’re ready we could be official” he said playing with his bracelets “I would love that” I said grabbing his face and kissing him. Someone cleared their throat and a pulled away and looked over to see Liam tapping his foot arms crossed smiling “Hi” I said with a little wave. “We are gone for an hour and your down here snogging” he said smirking “Sorry” Harry replied getting up and then helping me get up “Stuff happens” I said walking off to get my heels. “Hey” Cody said glumly “Hi what’s wrong?” I asked whilst putting on my heels “I told Niall I have a boyfriend” she sighed “and?” I asked no exactly getting her point “He just said Okay…Just okay!” she said waving her hands around “That’s a good thing” I laughed “Why are you so happy?” Cody asked crossing her arms “Harry and I are official” I smiled so big I’m sure my face would get sore if I kept it that way “YAY!” Cody squealed grabbing my hands so we could do a little dance. “I’m that great?” Harry asked I stopped dancing and turned red “We weren’t dancing because of you” I said trying to hide my embarrassment “Sure babe” he said kissing me on the cheek and walking away. “That was so embarrassing” I said with wide eyes Cody just laughed. “So where are we going for dinner?” Niall asked “This little Chinese place down town, oh if anyone asks for money just say no and keep walking” “Got it!” Louis smiled.


“Best Chinese food ever” Niall said rubbing his belly “I know” I smiled. “Hey now that I’m legal there is somewhere I want to go, I always wanted to go in with my mom and sister when I was 14” “Okay what is it?” Cody asked “The casino, so let’s go” I said getting up “I call Shotgun!” Harry screeched “Damn it!” Niall huffed. It was about 20 minutes till we got to the casino and it looked almost the same; “Ready?” I asked everyone and they nodded. I got to the front and they let us in, “We won’t be gaming” I told the lady who asked she nodded and let us in. I took a breath in “Let’s do this” I said intertwining mine and Harry’s fingers.

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