New Beginings

Hannah has had a tough past in more ways then one, but can she push that aside and let Harry in? Read to find out


7. Truth or Dare ;)

“You guys can play. I’m tired; so I think I’ll go to bed” I said fake yawning and getting off the couch “You’re not getting away that easy” Louis said pushing me back down; I sighed in defeat. “Well I’m not kissing anyone” I argued “Oh yes you are” Liam said putting his hand on my shoulder “And what if I don’t” I responded with attitude “Then we will just have to Harry over here to get naked” Zayn said pointing “And we all know how much Harry loves getting naked; even when there is guests over or when he’s at a friend’s house” Cody joined in “Its true!” Harry piped up. “Fine!” I yelled rolling my eyes “You know if you keep rolling your eyes like that one day it will stay that way” Niall said; I just punched him in the arm. “Okay who wants to go first?” Liam asked “I WILL” Louis screeched. He spun the bottle and it went round and round and round until it came to a slow stop on Niall. “PFTTT HAHA” I let my laugh slip out but quickly put my hand over my mouth; Niall’s eyes went big and his cheeks turned red. “It’s just a quick peck Niall you’re not gonna die” I said. He sighed and leaned in scrunching up his nose “Let’s just get this over with” Niall said quickly pecking Louis on the lips. When they pulled away they both started to wipe their mouths furiously; I just giggled while everyone laughed. Niall spun the bottle and it landed on Cody; they both turned extremely red “Well go on! What are you two waiting for” Harry smirked. Cody looked at me and I gave her and encouraging thumbs up. They slowly leant until their lips met; I had to hold back my urge to “awe”. They’re kiss was longer than his and Louis’, it was a good 35 second kiss and when they pulled Cody looked so flustered. I just looked at Harry and nodded towards Cody; He looked at her then looked at me and smirked. “Okay after that “wild” snogg. Let’s let Cody come down from her high” Louis said laughing “Hannah you spin next” Liam said; I just nodded and spun the bottle. I watched it closely to see who it would land on….Zayn. I could feel Harry tense up; I gave him an apologetic look and he loosened up a little. “Come here pretty boy” I said “I’m not a pretty boy!” he defended “You have more hair product than I do” I laughed when he didn’t reply. I leant in and kissed him….it’s different; I prefer to kiss Harry. I pulled away smiled awkwardly and nodded, “Whoa! Do you have lip gloss on or something?” He asked checking his lips for a trace of lip stick or something “Nope!” I said popping the “p” “But you’re lips are so soft” he said with wide eyes “Thank you! I take pride on them” I said smiling. Zayn spun the bottle and it landed on Cody; she still seemed a little flustered from Niall, so when she and Zayn were about to kiss he grabbed her face turned it and kissed her cheek. “Hey that’s cheating!” Liam said scrunching up his eyebrows “I know but look what Niall did the poor girl! She can’t even think strait” he defended me and Harry started to laugh while Niall raised his eyebrows and flipped his collar up. “What’s so funny?” Cody asked “You!” I replied breathing heavily “What! Why?” “Your face after Niall kiss you is all” I replied; she just crossed her arms and huffed. She spun the bottle and it landed on Liam and they kissed, when Liam spun the bottle it landed on Niall and Cody shouted and I quote ‘NIAM!’ while they pecked. We went around the circle until it was finally Harry’s turn to spin the bottle; it went around and around and around and around until it landed on me. He smirked, I swallowed hard and everyone went ‘Ooooooooh’. I knew everyone could sense I was scared so I decided to show Em different; they thought Harry was gonna take the lead and make me flustered but they thought wrong. I grabbed the back of Harry’s head and crashed his lips on to mine in a full on make out; at first he was shocked but he eventually kissed back. After a little while I pulled away and smiled triumphantly while Harry sat cheeks red and eyes wide. “Nice!” Louis said highfiving me.

~Later that Evening~

“If you guys would like you can stay the night” I said “Oh my thanks! I didn’t want to take a 25 minute ride to the hotel” Niall said running to jump on my couch next to Cody. “Thanks Hannah” Liam said kissing my cheek I nodded in response. “I’ve got a little Ikea mattress I can place on my bedroom floor for two of you, then I can set two of my sleeping bags on the floor and then the smallest one out of all of you can share my bed with us. Is that okay?” I asked “YUP!” they all chorused together. And of course Niall being the leprechaun gets to share a bed with me and Cody.

It’s going to be a LONG night.

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