New Beginings

Hannah has had a tough past in more ways then one, but can she push that aside and let Harry in? Read to find out


2. The Interview!

I sighed in frustration at my hair as I ripped the hairbrush through it trying to make it look decent. “Well this obviously isn’t working” I thought out loud, so I just put it up in a bun. I looked over at my digital clock; “shit! I’m late” I scurried down the hall of my apartment grabbed my bag, my keys and ran out to my old Toyota Mini truck. I pulled into my parking space and I quickly ran in the building and raped the elevator button, when I got inside the elevator I impatiently waited for it to reach my floor. “Your late again” sang my best friend Cody as I ran to my desk “I know don’t remind me” I sighed “wait does Jen know?” I asked “yes” Cody replied plainly. Okay she must not be to mad even though this is the second time this month. The phone on my desk rang “Hello Readit Magazine Hannah speaking!” “Hannah please come to my office” Jen said with no emotion in her voice. No anger, happiness nothing. “Yes Miss” I hung up and scurried down to her office. I lightly knocked on the door in fear she might be upset, “come in!” she sang; I opened the door and prepared myself for whatever rath I was about to face. “Well you can’t do and interview looking like that can you?” she said “I can’t do a what now?” I replied with wide eyes. She never lets me do interviews I’m always “not ready”. “Go to hair and makeup, then wardrobe. You’re doing your first interview today” she smiled big “so I’m ready then?” “Yes Hannah you’re very ready, I’ve just promoted you now go get ready! You’ve got an interview in 45 minutes” she shooed me away. I ran past everyone so I could go to Hair and Makeup, “wow! What happened in there?” Cody quizzed “I’ve been promoted” I replied with a smile “and now what?” “Well, Codester; I’m doing and interview with….with….um Janelle who am I interviewing?” I asked the stylist “One Direction! Their British! And super cute” she squealed “who?” I asked. Cody slapped me in the head “ow! What was that for?” I said rubbing my head “Hannah you know there song you just don’t know them” Cody replied crossing her arms “well?” “Well what?” “What song do they sing stupid?” I said to Cody “oh yeah, duh! Um they sing; baby you light up my world like nobody else” she sang “oooooh them! Their good” I smiled whilst getting up and walking to wardrobe. “Are you nervous?” “Cody shouldn’t you be writing articles about celebrities or something?” “You didn’t answer my question” she whined “no I’m not nervous, you of all people should know I don’t get nervous” I replied pulling on my jeans. She just nodded and started to walk towards the door “Hey Hannah?” “Yes Code?” “Tell Niall I’m single” she winked and walked away.

~The Interview~

“Hello Boys!” I smiled I got a chorus of “hi” and “hello” “Well if I’m going to be honest here boys I don’t know much about you, all I know is What Makes you Beautiful” “Well I’m very hurt” replied Louis in a joking matter. I laughed and continued “Well according to those lovely ladies over there behind the camera” I pointed to Janelle and Kate the hair makeup and wardrobe ladies; “your British and super cute!” “I’d like to think we are super cute” Niall said with a smile “oh and by the way Niall, my best friend Cody, right over there” I pointed to her standing beside Jen “Would like me to tell you she is single” all the boys laughed and Niall turned a little red, until he came back with a reply that probably made Cody die a little bit. “Maybe I’ll take you up on that babe” he said with a wink. “Okay on to the questions boys” I said and they all nodded. “Okay so Harry I heard you like older women, is this true?” “Well um….sometimes; I mean it depends I guess” he shrugged “Okay so do you mind if I ask about Caroline, or is that just crossing the line?” I asked “uh, sure” “Is it true that she tried to control you?” “On some aspects yes, but mostly she was a great girlfriend so no hate” he replied with a cheeky grin. smiled and nodded. “Now Liam I have to ask, is your turtles foot okay?” “Um yeah! Actually he is doing well, but he walks with a limp now” we all laughed.

~After interview~ I took off my heels and took my hair out and let it hang down just below my breasts, my hair was now normal because of the iron and products they put in it. “It was nice meeting you Harry, hope we can chat again soon” “Me too! Here text me sometime” he handed me his number “Okay bye boys!” I yelled as they left “BYE HANNAH” they all screamed. This has officially been the best day of my life!

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