New Beginings

Hannah has had a tough past in more ways then one, but can she push that aside and let Harry in? Read to find out


10. The Flu!

“Oh my god do you see that fat guy?” Niall whispered in my ear I looked over and smiled then hit Niall; “I know him!” I hissed “Sorry” he apologized. We walked over to the man and I spoke up “Nymrod Super Pugz” I said smiling her turned around and looked confused “Sorry but who are you?” he spoke in his American accent “It’s me Hannah. Hannah Cogswell, I’m all grown up now” I said still smiling “Well you are grown up aren’t you” he said eloping me in a hug. “Oh sorry um Pugz, this is Niall, Liam, Zayn, Louis, Cody, and Harry m-“I was cut off my Harry “boyfriend” he stated smiling at me “Well Hello Hannah’s boyfriend and friends; is your mother with you?” he asked “Nope not this time, I practically had to tie her down so I could leave without her tagging along” I grinned “Sounds like your mother” he replied laughing “Well we better get going I just came in to see if anyone I knew still came here” “Okay, it was nice seeing you again oh hey do you still play guitar?” he asked. Damn it the boys weren’t supposed to know yet; “Yes I do why?” I asked ignoring the weird looks I was getting from behind me “There’s an open mike night down at that karaoke place on the strip give me a call if you want to do it” he said handing me his number “alright then. See ya” I said waving rushing out of the casino with the boys on my tail. “Since when do you play guitar?” Harry asked crossing his arms, I smiled sheepishly at him “since the 8th grade” “and you didn’t tell us! Cody did you know” Niall said turning around and she nodded “We had classes together” she replied “Oh so you both can play, do you sing?” Liam asked “I dabble” I said making a joke “yes sir I do” Cody replied. She was actually quite good at singing and she knew it. “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me! Your boyfriend” Harry said faking hurt “I’m sorry baby does this make it better” I said kissing him on the cheek he nodded vigorously.




I woke up to the sun streaming in my window and an empty bed, I sighed and got up and went into Cody’s room to wake her up. “Get up so we can go tan” I said plainly whilst slapping her legs “I’m up!” she groaned “Good, get on your swim suit I’ll see you downstairs” I yelled skipping off to put on my swim suit. I was ready in 5 minutes and down to the pool to see the boys mucking around, “She’s alive!” Louis screeched “Vas Happenin?” Zayn raised an eyebrow. I just waved and laid down on one of the chairs. “Who ever you are you’re blocking my light” I said eye still closed “Your bellybuttons pierced! I’m your boyfriend how do I not know that? What else don’t I know?” Harry asked. I opened my eyes and sat up “I have two sisters ones 23 and the other is 25; they are both single” is said laying back down. Next thing I knew I was tossed into the pool “Harry!” I yelled smiling “I was trying to tan” “You’ll tan faster when you’re wet” he replied swimming over to the deep end where I was. “Zayn why don’t you come in?” I asked “I can’t swim” he yelled from behind his book “I know how you can learn real fast” I smirked “How?” he asked putting his book down “The way I learnt” I said still smirking “Which is?” he asked worry written all over his face “You get thrown in the deep end, so then you have to save yourself” I replied whilst Louis and Niall picked him up and tossed him in. “What the hell guys! I can’t swim” Zayn yelled whilst treading water “I beg to differ” I said proudly “Oh my god I can swim! I CAN SWIM” Zayn yelled swimming all around the pool. “Thanks” I heard from behind me I spun around and saw Harry “For what?” “Teaching Zayn to swim. He looks like a kid on Christmas morning” Harry replied tucking a hair behind my ear “Well that’s me, just like Santa I’ve got magical powers” I said wiggling my fingers. Harry laughed then kissed me I could so get used to this; his tongue lined my lower lip asking for access and I happily gave it to him. “*cough* guys can you do that somewhere else?” I pulled away to see a disapproving Cody “Sorry” Harry shrugged “Its fine, come on Harry we can do this somewhere else then” I replied grabbing his hand and pulling him into the living room. “Want to kiss me that bad” Harry teased and if I’m being honest yes I want to kiss him that bad. “Yes sir! So kiss me” I smiled grabbing his face and kissing him. Harry’s hand started to make its way up to my swim suit top so I pulled away, “Sorry” Harry said looking down “No it’s not that I don’t want to it’s just…Not in the living room okay?” I smiled and he nodded “Good now I’m hungry lets go make food” I said standing up and grabbing his hand. “Harry I burnt it!” I yelled from the kitchen “I told you to let me do it” he sighed grabbing the pan and dumping out the French toast “I just wanted to try” I faked sad and stuck out my bottom lip “Put that away” Harry said biting my lip “Ow!” I said rubbing my lip then jumping on the counter. “Can I tell you a secret?” I asked Harry “Yea sure what’s up babe?” Harry replied but still concentrating on the stove “I’ve never made French toast before” I whispered “I could tell” Harry said amused “Whatever Chef” I said rolling my eyes “That’s Mr. Chef to you. Now go tell everyone breakfast is almost ready” Harry ordered quickly kissing my cheek. I jumped off the counter and skipped over to the pool; “Guys breakfast is almost ready” I informed them “Its 1 o’clock” Liam retorted “Guys Brunch is almost ready” I corrected then skipped back to the kitchen. “I informed the people” I told Harry “You informed? Okay” Harry laughed passing me my plate “I hope you can cook” I teased sitting down at the island Harry just rolled his eyes. “I smelt Harry’s French toast” Niall smiled really big coming into the kitchen “Yes you did here” Harry smiled handing Niall a plate.


“You are a very good cook Harry” I complimented whilst washing the dishes “Did you literally think I couldn’t cook?” Harry asked and I giggled at the way his accent made literally sound “Why are you giggling? Is everything I do that cute” Harry said boasting himself “No its just when you say literally it’s so cute” I blushed “Literally, Literally, Literally” Harry sang running around the kitchen. “Stop being so silly” I said hitting him with the dish rag.




We are like 6 days into the vacation and I’ve caught the flu, it sucks I’m sitting in bed in Harry’s jumper waiting for Harry to bring me soup. “Hey how you doing?” Harry asked coming in with soup “I’ve been better” I replied sound nasally “Here is your soup, if you need anything just call my name” Harry replied kissing my forehead. Just as he was about to leave I stopped him “harry?” “Yes sweetheart” he smiled sweetly at me “can you put on the last song for me?” “Yes I can” he grinned and walked over to the TV and put the disk in “Oh and Harry” I called out “mhhm” he turned around “Can you stay with me please?” I smiled innocently “Yea! I might cry at the end though” Harry warned “its okay I’ll hold you in my arms” I joked “Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?” Harry asked, I just laughed clicked play and ate my soup.


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