New Beginings

Hannah has had a tough past in more ways then one, but can she push that aside and let Harry in? Read to find out


8. 'Stop moving!'

“Niall will you stop moving!” I whisper/yelled “Sorry! There’s not enough room!” he protested “It’s a king sized bed Niall; there’s enough room!” I groaned, he sighed and sat up “Does anyone want to trade with me?” he asked the boys who were trying to hold in their fits of laughter “I’ll trade!” Harry spoke up “you would trade” I snarled glaring at him he put his hands up in defeat “Sorry guys when she’s tired she gets grumpy” Cody apologized sitting up “For your own safety Harry I suggest you take the outside and I take the inside” Cody smile he just nodded in response.

~Next Morning~

“WAKE UP!!!” I yelled across the house, I got a couple groans and ‘why’. They eventually made their way to the kitchen where I made toast and eggs. “Food!” Niall said now fully awake. I nodded and scanned the room; “Where’s Harry?” I asked raising my eyebrow “Not up yet” Zayn yawned rubbing his eyes. I smirked and ran down to my room; and there lay Harry sound asleep looking so peaceful. Not for long I thought. I slowly walked over to the bedside. “Harry rise n shine” I whispered poking where his dimples should be; he groaned and rolled over “Harry don’t make me sit on you” I said putting my hands on my hips. He smirked but kept his eyes closed “Is that a threat or a promise?” he asked. I sighed and ripped the blankets off of him “A threat. Now get out of bed I made eggs and toast” I said grabbing my towel and heading off to the bathroom.

When I got out of the shower I ran to my room in my undies and tank, but instead Liam was folding blankets. “Hey, Liam can I get dressed” I asked “Yea sure” he said turning around “And you have no pants” he laughed walking away. I shrugged and closed the door. I put some mousse in my hair put on my work clothes and walked down stairs. “I got to go to work” I said smiling “awe! Why we are leaving today” Louis whined “Sorry boys” “It’s okay; as long as I get a hug” Niall said running up to me and hugging me. I just smiled “Hey where did Cody go?” “She said she had to go see her family, she was in a rush and seemed upset” Zayn shrugged. I thought for a minute “Shit it’s not the 12th is it?” I asked worriedly “yes m’am” Liam responded “Shit! I forgot” I sighed rubbing my temples. Harry came over and rubbed my back “what’s wrong?” he asked confused “Today is the anniversary of her grandmothers death; her and her grandma were like really close” I said running my hands down my face. They all nodded; “Sorry but I have to go to work; text me next time you’re in town” they nodded “Just leave your numbers on the table; and when you leave lock up with this key then put it on top of the door” I said with stress in my voice. They all said yea and kissed me on the cheek or forehead.


When I got to my desk at work all my stuff was gone; so I rushed down to Jen’s office and knocked on the door. “Come in” she sang “Where’s all my stuff?” I asked in a panic “They are in your new office” she smiled. I could help but smile; my new office as in its mine. “It’s down the hall third door on your right; It’s not much but we furnished it and put your belongings in” she smiled and signaled for me to leave. I pulled my bag up farther on my shoulder and walked down the hall with a smile on my face till I reached my office. My mouth hung open when I saw my office; everything was matching mahogany from the desk all the way to the unit’s and shelves on the wall. I even had a black leather swivel chair; and two boring chairs in front of my desk for when I call people in. Eeeeeep! I sat down on my chair took the paper out of my bag put them on my desk then started to spin around in my chair giggling like a school girl. “I see you like you’re new office” said a smiling Jayleen “Yea!” I replied dragging out the ‘a’. “So I heard your friends with the boys from One Direction?” Jayleen asked smirking “Yup! They are good lads” I replied smiling “lads?”She asked laughing “yes, I’m brushing up on my British” I stated matter-of-factly “There is nothing to brush up on you don’t speak “British”. Because it’s not a language” she laughed “Whatever” I rolled my eyes as she got up to leave, “Don’t roll your eyes at me” she sang as she walked away. Dang it! How does she do that? I thought while I pulled out my papers and laptop and started to design and fix the magazine for this month.


I walked out of my work building got in my car and drove over to Cody’s house. When I got there I knocked on the door until Cody answered in sweatpants and a crop top, her eyes were puffy and red. “Come here” I said opening my arms she jumped on me with her legs around my waist; this happens every year. I walked into her condo she was still clinging on to me for dear life crying. I shut the door with my foot and dropped my bag; “Come one we are big girls here, go sit on the couch and I’ll make you something to drink” she nodded in response. I went into the kitchen and made her hot chocolate; I brought it out and handed it to her. “So?” I asked “I don’t understand why I get into a slump like this every year” she sighed “It’s okay” I reassured “No because now your all stressed and then tomorrow will be like it didn’t happen” she replied putting down her mug. “I’ve been doing some thinking” Cody said after awhile of thinking “And I think it’s best if we aren’t friends anymore” she said tears rolling down her cheeks “If that’s what you want” I said getting up and leaving. And I know what you’re thinking ‘why would you just leave a friendship like that?’ well I only left like that because over the years I’ve realized Cody has fallen into a pattern, she thinks I can’t handle it so she doesn’t want to be friends but when I stop talking to her she will be like I’m so sorry.


As I walk into my apartment my phone rings, I sigh who’s calling me now? This day has bee stressful enough

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