New Beginings

Hannah has had a tough past in more ways then one, but can she push that aside and let Harry in? Read to find out


3. Meetings!

Okay so it’s been like 3 weeks since the interview and I haven’t texted Harry, he didn’t say text me when I leave he said sometime…..It’s not sometime yet! I’ve got the day off today so I’m going to go visit my mommy.

~at moms house~

“Mother I’m home!” I yelled as I unlocked the door with my key. When I moved out I refused to give back my house key. “Hey cupeycake” she responded from the living room. I took off my shoes and walked into the living room to find my mom watching Days of Our Lives. “Really mom?” “It’s addicting! And remember you watched this when you were 14” she defended “shhh! Someone might hear” I said whilst sitting on the couch. “So what do you want?” “Nothing! Cant I just come to visit on my day off?” I asked “Of course, but you usually want something” she shrugged. Before I could answer my phone started to ring “I don’t know the number” “Just answer it, take a chance! BE A RISK TAKER!” my mom demanded. I just laughed and answered my phone, “Hello” “Hey, It’s Harry” “Hey, how’d you get my number?” I asked standing up and walking into the kitchen. “I’m Harry Styles I’ve got my ways” he retorted “So what’s up?” “I’m in town again and I was wondering if you would like to hang out” “I would love that” I replied. I looked at my watch then said “Okay it’s almost 1 so how’s 1:30?” I asked “perfect! So where do you want to meet?” “I don’t feel like going anywhere so here’s my address; it’s the only apartment building on Tibault way and then ring apartment 23” “Okay see you in 30!” he replied then hung up. “I gotta go mom!” I yelled trying to put on my uggs “where are you going?” “I’ve got plans! Bye I love you”.

~at my apartment~

I quickly put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and the garbage in the garbage. I took my hair out to brush it when someone knocked on the door, “coming” I forgot about my hair and answered the door. “Hey Harry” I smiled “He- nice hair” he laughed “awe shit! Sorry I was just gonna brush it when you rudely knocked on the door” I defended “Well I like it, it reminds me of like a really poufy Pomeranian” he smirked “Ha-ha. Very funny. Oh! Welcome to my home” I said letting him in. I quickly tipped my head upside down and put it in a high bun, “Can I get you anything? If I have it” “well I was going to ask for tea, but we are in Canada and I’ve learnt that apparently only old people drink it here so, water it fine” he said sighing “if you want a tea that bad we can go to timhortons” I suggested “Okay” he said with a huge grin. “Okay but I’m driving” “yes sir” he saluted and I looked at him and crossed my arms “I mean mam!” he corrected. We walked to the parking lot and I stopped in front of my truck, “nice truck!” he teased “hey! My job pays well, but not well enough to get me an apartment and a nice car” I replied “if you say so” he said whilst getting in the passenger seat.

~At Timmies~

“Okay what do you want Harry?” “I’ve never been here so you pick” “Okay um Hello! We will have a….steeped tea, extra large double-double and 2 apple fritters please” I said with a smile “$16.50 please” she replied with a bored look on her face. I pulled out my wallet and quickly paid her because I saw Harry pull out his wallet. “The guy is supposed to pay” “well I don’t let random men buy me food” I said grabbing our order. We walked across the street to the public park and sat down on the grass, “so what do you think of Canada?” I asked “its kinda cold” he replied putting his hood up “it’s almost summer it is not that cold” “yes it is!” “Just drink your tea and eat your fritter” I laughed. “Let’s get to know you” “what do you want to know?” I asked “tell me your life story” he said getting comfy “Okay but it’s a lot to take in so pay attention. My parents divorced when I was like really little my grandparents are alive but my grandma is like crazy, I spent most of the 7th 8th and 9th grade living in Jamaica, my mom and my sisters always fight, my mom, sisters and grandparents always fight. And that is why I moved out the first chance I got. Oh and my grandparents took me away from my mom when I was little because she was in a abusive relationship and my dad once refused to give me back to my mom” I took in a big breathe “wow! I’m sorry, I wouldn’t have asked if I knew tha-“I cut him off “no its okay I’ve learnt to accept what my life used to be its okay” he just nodded in reply. We sat in a comfortable silence for a good 10 minutes till I spoke up “So? What do you think of tummies?” I smiled “It’s really good, but the tea isn’t the same as in London” he said wiping away an imaginary tear sniffing “oh your such a baby” I responded taking his garbage and throwing it in the trash. “So are the boys here as well?” “Yup! We are doing a concert tonight, would you and your friend Cody like to come?” he asked “Sure, and how did you remember her name?” I said pretending to be freaked out “It seems she made quite the impression on Niall he talks about her all the time” “she does that to a lot of people, I’m surprised you gave me your number and not her” I said whilst unlocking my truck “and why is that Miss?” he asked confused “well I’m different AND most guys choose her over me” I replied pulling out of the parking lot “well I like different” he grinned. I turned a light shade of pink but brushed it off.

~Back at the apartment~

“Well I’ve got to go to rehearsals but I’ll get someone to pick you and Cody up at 6” “Okay, bye it was nice seeing you” I smiled and he pulled me in for a hug and left.

I had another great day!

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