New Beginings

Hannah has had a tough past in more ways then one, but can she push that aside and let Harry in? Read to find out


15. Ive missed you

"Come on Harry for christ sakes get up!" i growled shaking Harry ive been trying to get him up for the past 20 minutes he opened one eye "i will if you kiss me" my eyes widened in shock. Wow i wasnt expecting that I shrugged why not? i loved him so i mean its a plus for me and it seems like he likes me back. I slowly leaned in and conected our lips okay i missed this. He licked my lips asking for entrance and i glady gave it. our kiss slowy turned into a heated makeout session and i found myself straddling him "Hannah are you positive you wanna do this?" Harry asked pulling away "Yes Harry ive never been more sure! I love you and i want to make love to you" i replied simply i was about to kiss him when he spoke up "I love you too" i smiled and thats all it took me and him were getting into it.

"Ive missed you.......alot" i spoke up as i was laying on Harrys chest; both of us naked "Ive miss you too! its been really hard" he said in thought. "So where does this leave us?" i asked looking into his eyes "Where ever you want it to leave us, I know what i want and its in my arms right now but the real question is do you know what you want?" he was completely serious. Do i know what i want? like really do i know? I sat and i though for a while i kissed Harry on the cheek "Yes i know what i want" "And what do you want Hannah" he replied grinning most likely already knowing the answer "you" i whispered. He crashed our lips together and i couldnt have been any happier right there in that moment.


short i know but ive got some good chapters coming up! :)

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