New Beginings

Hannah has had a tough past in more ways then one, but can she push that aside and let Harry in? Read to find out


16. Im late!!!!

"Shit! Harry im late! why didnt you wake me up?" I sighed running around the aparmnet looking for my shoes "you just looked so cute! sorry" he apolagized "its alirght" i sighed and kissed him. As soon as i found my shoes a ran downstairs and strait to my car, making me about 45 minutes late. "Hannah where were you? and why are you late?" Jen asked as soon as i walked onto our floor "Okay so long story short me and Harry reunited last night we got back together and he didnt bother to wake me up this morning when my alarm clock didnt go off" I let out a big breath and swallowed "Oh! Well make sure it doesnt happen again" "Yeah of coure" I nodded scurring off to my office "Oh and Hannah" Jen spoke up and i turned around "Yeah" "Im happy for you! The old Hannah is back and it makes me happy" she smiled warmly and walked off. I sat down in my desk and started work immeditly "Good morning" Cody sang "Hello! how are you?" I replied happily "Whoa! you put a rainbow in your breakfast this morning?" she questioned as she sat down in front of me "Harry" I said cooly trying my hardest not to smile but failing misrebly "OMG WHAT?!?" she practilly screamed whilst jumping out of her chair "We're back together" I squelled hugging her "OMG YAY!" "I know right! But you need to leave i was late and ive got to do extra work to make up for it! shoooo" I smiled pushing her out "Okay okay ill leave".

~~~~~After work~~~~

I usually get home at 5 but since i was really late i wanted to make up for it, which ment i was only now getting home at 8. "Sorry im some so late" I called out hoping Harry was still here "Its alright it gave me time to make you dinner" he grinned as he came out of the kitchen "ooh watcha makin? smells good" i smiled smelling the amazing dinner Harry made "I made" he paused for "dramatic" effect "Breakfast for dinner! since you didnt get breakfast this morning" "Aweeh babe! thanks so much" i smiled and kissed him wrapping my arms around his neck getting lost in the kiss "Save that for later! dinners getting cold" he pulled me over to the table and sat me down and him across from me. "Well how was your day?" i asked him while shoving a peice of turkey bacon in my mouth "good" he smirked "what did you break or burn?" i sighed looking around the apartment for something damaged "no nothing!" he reassured "then what are you planning?" i raised an eyebrow "guess youll have to wait to find out now wont you?" he smirked again. "hmm" i huffed and continued to eat; what does he have planned now?

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