New Beginings

Hannah has had a tough past in more ways then one, but can she push that aside and let Harry in? Read to find out


1. Descriptive

This is just explaining who Hannah is and what her story is,



I should probably introduce myself. Hi im Hannah im about 5'6 im not skinny but im not fat either, ive got dark brown hair thats just about to my bum and it is really curly and frizzie if i dont put the proper product in it, ive got hazel almond shaped eyes, I work for a magazine with my best friend Cody (she's a girl) , and ive got a past i like to keep to myself.


"Dont do this to me!" i begged on the verge of tears "Im sorry miss but we did what we could" the doctor told me for like the 10th time. I just couldnt believe it first i get pregnant, second i tell my boyfriend Oliver and he leaves me, then i loose the baby. Like WTF! i got so attached and then i lost everything i wanted

~End of FlashBack~

I snapped out of my trance got up and went to get ready for the day, i just wish i could stop thinking about that day!

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