New Beginings

Hannah has had a tough past in more ways then one, but can she push that aside and let Harry in? Read to find out


6. :D

It honestly took me like 4 hours to write this because i kept getting distracted. But its up now so thats all that matters! <3



HOLY SHIT! Okay, breathe in…..breathe out. I put my hands around his neck with one thumb caressing his cheek. I pulled him down so our foreheads were touching and pursed my lips, “Harry” I breathed “We need to take things slow, I can’t just dive into a relationship with you” I sighed “I understand” Harry replied getting ready to walk away. “Now who’s walking away” I smirked “I never said we couldn’t be friends” I laughed “I’ll wait for you as long as I have to” Harry said over dramatically “Oh Harry that so sweet!” I played along by putting my hand over my heart. Harry just shook his head and laughed. “But seriously how do I have to wait?” Harry asked “! Harry you’re not supposed to say that” I said hitting him in the head “Hey! Watch the hair” he scolded “Why? It’s not like I can make it any messier” I defended “Well…you…shoulda…” he sighed “you win I give up” he admitted defeat “YES!” I yelled “Since I won you have to give me a piggy back to the car” I grinned wildly. “Umm…guys” Zayn said oops I forgot they were there “Yes Zayn” I answered “did you guys just?” Cody said “but I thought. What?” Cody said sounding so confused “Uh oh…boys back away Cody is confused” I said with wide eyes “What why?” Niall asked backing away with the other boys “If she doesn’t catch on soon she will get angry” I said looking at Cody whose face was getting redder by the second “Cody breathe” I said calmly “Oh I get it now” she said her eyes lightening up. I let out a sigh of relief, Cody wasn’t always so easily tempered; it’s just when we were in the 8th 9th and 10th grade no one would tell her anything so now she just gets angry because she’s and “adult” and she deserves to know. “Hannah you there?” Louis asked waving his hand in front of my face “Yes sorry” I replied laughing “Just zoned out” I shook my head.


~In the Car~


“So you guys wanna come back to mine?” I asked “yes m’am” Harry said whilst everyone else nodded. “Is there food?” Niall asked “No Niall I’m a robot I don’t need food I just plug myself in at night” I said sarcastically “I was just making sure” he mumbled blushing in embarrassment while everyone laughed except Cody “Guys stop being so mean” she said hitting me I just shrugged.




“Welcome to my home! Can I get you anything?” I asked “FOOD!” Niall yelled rubbing his belly “Just go make yourself at home in there” I replied “Um Hannah… He will eat all your food” Liam warned “its okay I need to go shopping anyway? I shrugged. I led them to the living room and we all sat down; I undid my button on my pants and sighed in satisfaction. Louis started laughing “What’s so funny Lou?” Harry asked “Look at Hannah her pants are unbuttoned” he smirked “What! Why?” Harry said turning to me raising his eyebrow; I smiled sweetly and replied with “Hey of you weren’t here I would still be sitting like this; just cuz there’s guys here doesn’t mean I’m gonna sit up straight, not burp, or not eat” I smiled proudly after my speech. “Well good that means I can be myself” Niall said coming into the living room with a sandwich “and how are you going to be yourself?” I quizzed “Like this” he replied with a mouth full of food whilst putting one of his hands in is pants. “He must really like you guys it took him 6 months before he did that in front of us” Zayn smiled. “Good cuz I like you too! Not that way though” I said he nodded. “I think we should play…..spin the bottle” Louis announced whilst getting up to find a bottle “Hasn’t there been enough kissing today?” Zayn whined “No I don’t think there has” Harry said with a cheeky grin. I swallowed hard and started to get nervous when Louis returned with a bottle smirking.


What if I have to kiss Harry again? Or what if the bottle lands on one of the other boys….or Cody!

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