New Beginings

Hannah has had a tough past in more ways then one, but can she push that aside and let Harry in? Read to find out


4. Concerts <3

As soon as he left I called Cody “GET YO ASS OVA HERE!” I screamed into the phone “Ow my ear. Why?” “Because there is a car coming to pick us up at six, and it taking us to the ONE DIRECTION concert! Eeeeeep” I squealed like a school girl “Oh my god! Okay I will be over in like 20 minutes” she replied. And with that I hung up the phone and ran to take a shower. Once I got out I realized Cody used my spare key to get in. “Hey” she said calmly not caring that I was in a towel, “Hi? Um should I wear a dress?” “YES! But not too sexy” she replied “I wish I had showered before I came over. I guess I’m going to have to meet Niall smelling gross” “Just go use my shower Codes” “Okiaa! I thought you’d never ask” she said whilst running into the bathroom. I spent a good 20 minutes in my closet before I decided not to wear a dress, but I did pick out a cute dress and heels for Cody. “Cody you’ve been in there for an hour I need to do my hair!” I yelled whilst banging on the door “done” she said coming out of the bathroom with her makeup and her dirty blonde hair done. I pointed to her outfit and when into the bathroom so I could do my hair and makeup. When I was finally done I went into the room and got dressed.

“What time is it Cody?” “Its 5:30” she responded “I’m patient gosh! Why can’t that car be here already” I whined Cody just laughed and shook her head.

~40 minutes later~

“Okay Cody lets go” I said grabbing my house keys and iphone. When we got downstairs there was a black Range Rover waiting for us, “whoa” I breathed Cody nodded in response. “I call shotgun!” I screamed getting into the front seat. “Awe man!” “Ha ha haha ha ha!” I replied. “Good evening miss” the driver said “Hi Call me Hannah please Miss is to Formal” “Yes mi I mean Hannah, I will be taking you to the back of the arena where some security will take you backstage. Is that alright?” “Yes it is” I replied with a huge grin. The drive there was silent because Cody and I didn’t want to talk, so we just texted the whole time. “We are here have a wonderful time ladies” the driver said “We will, thank you” I said getting out of the car to be met with a security guard “Paul!” Cody screamed “You know him?” I questioned “Well not personally, but he is the Directioners favorite guy” she said with a smile “Why thank you, now let’s go the boys want to see you guys before they go on” Paul said we nodded and followed him backstage. Once we got there we saw the boys huddled up in a circle talking, Cody was frozen on the spot blushing because she herd Niall’s laugh. I on the other hand ran up ad jumped on Harry’s back, “whoa! Who’s there?” Harry said in a panic “It’s just me silly” I replied “Oh, whew!” he said while the boys laughed at him. I Jumped off his back and gave the other boys a hug, “So Niall why don’t you go give my frozen friend over there a big welcome hug” I said nudging him “Sure” he replied happily.

~Cody’s P.O.V~

Oh my god Niall’s coming this way, what do I do? Just stay calm! “Hi” o squeaked out “Hey, Cody” he said pulling me in for a hug; I could smell his Armani cologne. God he smells good, he remembers my name eep. “So are you going to come join us, or are you going to stay frozen?” he asked me in his cute Irish accent, “Of course I’m going to join you guys” I replied blushing. “Good” he said talking my hand and pulling me over to everyone else. “HI CODY” Louis screamed hugging me tight “Can’t breathe Louis” I said gasping for air “Oh Sorry” he said sheepishly “Hi I’m Liam” Liam said sticking out his hand “I know who you are, and Hi I’m Cody” I replied shaking it “Hey, we’ve heard a lot about you from a certain Irish boy” Harry Said making me and Niall blush “oh…wait how much can you know about a girl you’ve ever officially met?” I questioned turning around to look at him. Everyone ooo’d “I’m Niall Horan I’ve got my ways” “Oh you mean Google?” I said he just blushed and didn’t respond. “I’m Zayn and I’m a hugger” he said pulling me in for a hug “I can tell” I replied giggling. “Okay come on boys your on in a minute” one of the stage managers yelled “Bye girls” Harry said running behind the curtain with the other boys. “Niall smells so good” I swooned “You’re creepy” “What! He does. And he’s much more cute in person” Hannah Just laughed and left to go to the bathroom, while I just listened to the boys sing Tell me a Lie.

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