New Beginings

Hannah has had a tough past in more ways then one, but can she push that aside and let Harry in? Read to find out


11. All better


“Harry I’m fine now let me go for a swim” I sighed “No you could get sick again” he argued back. OMG I’m feeling better and he won’t let me go for a swim grrrr, he’s pissing me off but I know exactly what to do. “Fine but will you stay with me?” I asked placing my thumbs in the belt loops of my short shorts whilst walking towards him “I don’t know, it’s nice out today” Harry responded completely oblivious to what I was doing. “Please baby” I cooed placing my arms around his waist and kissing his neck, a low groan came from the back of his through and he automatically lifted my chin and kissed me hard. He was standing in front of the door so I turned him around and pushed him down on the bed; then ran down to the pool. “Hannah that’s not funny!” Harry yelled chasing me “What’s not fu- oh I see what’s not funny” Zayn said laughing pointing to the bulge in Harry’s pants. He turned a crimson red and looked so lost not knowing what to do with all eyes on him, that’s when I felt bad. “Okay guys jokes over” I said standing in front of him hiding his “manhood” “I’m sorry” I whispered looking up at him and kissing him on the cheek. Once everyone was gone and turned around and looked at him apologetically “I didn’t think I would do that to you, if I knew I would I would have never did it” I looked down playing with the ring on my finger, “Fine, but I will get you back” he grins and walks away; oh shit!


~Next Day~


I wake up look at Harry sit up and stretch, “Morning” harry says half awake “Morning” I give him a quick peck “I’m going to shower” I whisper hoping off to the shower with just a towel. As I’m washing my hair there is a knock on the door “Ya” I yell “Can I grab my toothbrush?” Harry asks from the other side of the door “Yup” I continue to wash the conditioner out of my hair as he comes in then leaves.


I finish up and hope out of the shower; where’s my towel? “HARRY” I bellow so loud I’m sure all of Jamaica herd, I hear him laugh outside the door I look around and find a towel that just barely covers my butt. I storm out of the bathroom and after Harry not caring about the towel at this point. He runs down the hall and I storm after him when I bump into Cody and loose grip of my towel; Harry’s eyes go wide and his pupils dilate, I flush red and run back to my room and throw on my bikini. “I’m sorry” Harry peers in the door with closed eyes “Why are your eyes closed you’ve already seen me naked” I snap “I’m sorry but yesterday what you did wasn’t very nice either” I crossed his arms “How would you like it if everyone saw you naked?” I questioned “I wouldn’t mind because I like to be naked” he smirked pulling me into a hug and kissing my hair. I sighed and decided its best not to fight.


~On the plane back~


“Harry I swear to god if you don’t shut up I’m gonna cut your tongue off” Cody threatened because for the last hour and a half Harry’s been raving on about the Coldplay concert he’s going to see in Toronto tonight “What no! Then I can kiss him normally” I pouted, Harry smiled and nodded in response. The rest of the flight was Harry talking and talking and sleeping and talking.

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