New Beginings

Hannah has had a tough past in more ways then one, but can she push that aside and let Harry in? Read to find out


13. 4 years

~4 years later~

Me and Harry broke up 2 years ago after i found out he cheated, i mean he only cheated once but i just couldnt handle knowing he cheated. And i know its good that he told me the day after because he felt terrible but i just couldnt forgive him, he tried to keep contact for a good year and a half but after a while he just stopped calling. My job is still the same, im still single, and my friday nights are still lonely since Cody and Kenyon moved in together. I still think there is something fishy about him but Cody says its just my hate for him.


I woke up extra early, curled my hair and put on a really cute outfit for work. (outfit in external link). I walked into my work building and went up to my office, "Knock Knock" Cody sang as she walked into my office "Morning! How was your weekend?" I asked while i replied to some important emails "Great! me and kenyon went to dinner and a movie and then we you know" she said dreamily "Sounds fun" i replied really not that interested in what her and kenyon did. "You know im really trying here" Cody sighed "trying?" i asked confused "Every since you broke up with Harry everything you do is so in between even when you talk your so mono toned and i hate it soo much! Im hanging on a thread here! Im trying so hard to be friends but your not all here!" "Im sorry i dont know what to say"' i replied truly sorry "Say you'll call harry even if your just friends! I need you back Hannah! I desperatly need my best friend back" she pleaded. I thought for a moment "Fine" i knew instantly i wouldd regret agreeing to this but i couldnt lose my best friend, im not friends with many people.

All day i tried to seem happier i think it fooled Cody for a while but you can only act happy for so long.


I told Cody i would call Harry and at least try and be friends so I scrolled down the contacts on my phone until i reached his name 'Harry<3' I srill havent changed it from when we were dating; I just hope he didnt change his number. I pressed call and waited 'riiing riiing riiing' Niall Picked up "Hannah?!?" he sounded so surprised to here from me "Nice try mate she wouldnt call me! Dont even joke about that" I herd Harry say in the background "No its really her i swear!" Niall defended "Um Hello! I like to speak to Harry" i said loud enough to get his attention "Okay! Its good to hear from you!" Niall said as he passed the phone "Okay who is this really?" Harry asked glumly "Me" i whispered.


i know my chapters have been short but ive got really bad writers block right now sooo sorry if the chapters suck and are like super short! I need some insperation

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