How I started High School

Sofia, an avarage girl that just started high school in a new school. Since her mom' s death, she and her father have been moving around alot. And now she's not moving away till she finish high school. But things got complicated, when she ran into a blonde, blue-eyed guy. In that moment he saw her, he fell for her. He's trying to get near her every single day. But on the same time one of his best mate fall in love with her too. Could she manage the two boys falling for her? Who would she pick? the blue-eyed sweetheart or the sexy curly flird?
Wanna Find out? Then Read Here!!


5. Talking To Niall

Sofia POV

A couple minutes later Hannah came with her food, and then she was eating really slowly. I already finished my food dont get me wrong I do eat food really fast I mean i love food.. who wouldn't love food? Hannah took a bite of her food and started to talk to Harry and laugh at everything he said. Then a couple seconds later I relized that a lot of the students at the cafeteria were looking at me... What do I have something on my face? I just mind my own bussiness after that. I can't take Hannah's laugh anymore so I asked Niall:



"You wanna go outside?"

"Sure" he said with a smile. We got up from our seats.

"You want to come mate?" Niall asked Harry.

"No, thanks. I'm going to stay here" harry said.

We walked out from the cafeteria and went to the field. There were some boy playing soccer and on the left side of the field there were the benches and on the the right there's a small hill with a couple of trees on it. The field was really big, me and Niall walked to the trees and sit under one of them.  We talk alittle as we watched the boys play soccer.

"So when did you move here?" Niall asked

"A couple days ago"

"And do you like it here?"

"Well it rain alot and yes I do like it here" I said with a smile on my face we were talking but I wasnt looking at him I just watched those boys over there trying to play soccer. "Niall can I asked you something?"


"Why did you asked me earlier in drama that I had a boyfriend or not?" I asked curiously but not turnig to look at him but I know he turned to looked at me just a few seconds ago. But to tell you the truth I really was trying to figured out why he aske me that question, I didnt know why but I just wanted to know.

"I-I just wanted to - to asked you a ramdom question?" he said but I think I heard it hasitatly... nah I just heard it badly.

"So you don't have a boyfriend?" There is is again that question, niall asked me earlier.


"Why not?"

"What do you mean why not?"

"Well you're such a beautiful girl and that suprised me that you do not have a boyfriend."

"Well believe it or not I dont have a boyfriend, enough talking about me what about you?"

"What about me?"

"Do you have a girlfriend?"

"Nah. I dont.."

"Really?" he nodded "I can believe the Niall Latigable Horan doesn't have a girlfriend!!"

"Well I dont really want to talk about that now.... And what's Latigable? I tried to asked the fans from tweeter and I still dont know what it means."

"Well, its.. its ...umm.. like that.... I dont know! i just said it because my friends said that"

"haha So what's your friend name?"

"her name is... Maybe Ill tell you later "

"Oh so... can i asked you something?"

"Yeah Sure."

"Why did you kinna looked pissed out when you saw Harry and Hannah Earlier?"

"Oh that umm.. me and Harry.. we're kinna..." I told him the whole story and when I finished telling him I told him not to tell anybody because he the only one that knows that. Then he turned to look at the feel he looked upset, but why? "whats wrong" I asked and he turn to look at me.

"I am sorry for asking that , i am sorry for the lost of you mom and that Harry never call you again." he look at me sadly and i could see tear waiting to drop from his eyes.

"No need to apologize it already happen year ago.." I said smiling and at that moment a tear were rolling on Niall's cheek, I wiped it and he look at me in the eyes, then he were leaning in and.......

: (An what do you guys think happen did they even kiss? did they were inturuped? okay so I am sooooo super sorry I didn;t upgrade sooner. but I tried. And I need you guys to help me with characters in this story. if you want to be in the story Email me at
Email me your name, Personality, body figure, age and what who you want to be One of Hannah friend or One of Sofia's best friend... Ok then I hope that you liked it... oh before i forget you can also kik me the info. to SofiaHoran1 )

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