How I started High School

Sofia, an avarage girl that just started high school in a new school. Since her mom' s death, she and her father have been moving around alot. And now she's not moving away till she finish high school. But things got complicated, when she ran into a blonde, blue-eyed guy. In that moment he saw her, he fell for her. He's trying to get near her every single day. But on the same time one of his best mate fall in love with her too. Could she manage the two boys falling for her? Who would she pick? the blue-eyed sweetheart or the sexy curly flird?
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2. Questions?!

The way to the Office wasn't completely silent cause you can hear girls screaming. Every girl that we saw scream "Oh My GOd!!! It's Niall Latigable Horan" or "Niall Marry me please. I am suprised that Niall didn't say anything. And a girl faint when we past by. I really felt awkward and every 4 second i could see on the corner of my eyes, that Niall was looking at me. I blushed a little, and I dicided to brake the silance.

"So.... Why are you here?" I ask awkwardly. "What do you mean?" He asked confused. "In this school, aren't you suppost to be recording or on tour or something?" I asked. "Oh, me and Harry wanna finish our last school year. So we pick this school." "Harry is here too?!" I asked with a little smile. "Yep" Niall said sounding the 'P'. "You're nineteen right?" I asked. He nod and said "Yeah I just complete nineteen last week and you?" "Well, I'm kinna young" I said "Really? How old are you?" He asked. "Fifteen, I'll be sixteen next month." I admitted.

"Really? I thought you  were seventeen or something" He said honestly. "Yeah, I've got that alot" I laugh and he joined me. We talk and talk all the way to the office. I know almost everything about him. If my best friend know that I'm in the same school with The Niall Horan, she'll kill me for not bringing her here. We got to the office. The principal name is Jay Smith. He was very kind, he gave me my schedule. I took a look on my schedule, I got Drama on my First period. I got out of the office and saw Niall standing out the door. Was he waiting for me?

Niall's POV

This girl, Sofia. She is so different from the other girls in school. She is so beautiful. But I think she have a Boyfriend, I mean what kind of beautiful and kind girl with a lovely smile and laugh not have a boyfriend? I waited her while she went to go get her schedule. A couple minutes later she walked out the door. Her eyes were wide open when she saw me. "Were you waiting for me?" she asked. "yea , I was" I answered. "Why?" she asked again. Oh no now I have to make a reason. I dont want her to know that I like her. I don't even know if I like her or not. "Um.. because, you know you're new. Maybe I could help you to go to your first class" I explained calmly. "Oh Ok, My first class is Drama." She said. "Really?, mine too" I said with a big smile.

Our way to the drama class wasn't quite silance. We talked, laughed and tell jokes to each other. It's so weird, I just met her for half an hour and we talk like we know eachother for a long time. I really felt conected to her some how. She is different. Not like the other girls, just hang out with me to gain fame. But I know Sofia is not. I know that some how she wouldnt do that. I feel like I need her to be with me forever, to be by my side, tobe in my arm FOREVER. But I need to know one thing does she HAVE A BOYFRIEND or not?. We arrived to the Drama class i told Mr. Ramirez, the drama teacher, that we have a new student. Then he nodded. I went to sit at my table and Mr. Ramirez call Sofia and talked to her.

"Check out , the new girl she so beautiful" I told Harry who was sitting behind me. He got drama on the first period too. Actually he got all the same as mine. Then he look at me with the look of 'she is here'. I turn to look who was beside Harry and saw Hannah. A blonde, Popular girl aka the 'Hottie Princess'. She is a cheerleader with great body. Harry like her but I dont, She is so I dont know, girly. I mean Harry like her because of her body or I dont know. But one thing I know, is that we could be atracted to any kind of girl, even older women. Well you know Harry. But I really wish he wouldn't fall in love with Sofia, Cause I like her.

"Ok guys, Settle down. This Sofia our new student." Mr. Ramirez said making all my classmates silance.. "So as tradition here in Middleton High School, to accept a new student we?" Mr.Ramirez said. "ASK QUESTION!!!" All my classmates yelled. Leslye raised her hand than some other raised their hands too. "Yes, Leslye, tell us your question" Mr.Ramirez said. "What is your full name?" Leslye asked. "It..Um.." She was nervous I could tell then she turn to look at me, "I'm AnnaBelle Sofia Jane Evans" She said. AnnaBelle? wait Jane? She did tell me her name or last name maybe, was Jane. Well Niall there's so many things that you dont know about this girl. "How old are you?" Another girl asked I wasn't paying attention who was it. I kept my eyes locked to Sofia's. "I'm fifteen, sixteen next month." More people asked question but as usual i dont really pay attention to them. Wait they are asking question, it means that i could ask her anything right and she would know why. I raised my hand and mr.Ramirez said my name.

"Do you have a Boyfriend?" I asked. i could see her face turning redder, she was blushing. I raised one of my eyebrow hoping that her answer woul be 'No'. "No, I dont have a boyfriend."she said shyly looking at me. I winked and gave her a smile. Yes!! she doesn't have a Boyfriend i still have a chance.

*AN: Hey guys Hope you like it. Sorry for not posting fast, it just cause this week I have exam and i didnt have enough time but now I do. So i hope you enjoy this chapter. i will post ASAP. And if you want to talk to me. I have kik it's SofiaHoran1. And Follow me on twitter as well :D

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