How I started High School

Sofia, an avarage girl that just started high school in a new school. Since her mom' s death, she and her father have been moving around alot. And now she's not moving away till she finish high school. But things got complicated, when she ran into a blonde, blue-eyed guy. In that moment he saw her, he fell for her. He's trying to get near her every single day. But on the same time one of his best mate fall in love with her too. Could she manage the two boys falling for her? Who would she pick? the blue-eyed sweetheart or the sexy curly flird?
Wanna Find out? Then Read Here!!


4. Our conversations are so AWKWARD

The bell rang and everyone get up and so did I. I got my bag and look at Niall. He look me in the eyes, with his blue and beautiful eyes... Sofia!! Stop it.. Don't start with this guy, he is just like every guy in this universe.

"You want me to walk you to you next class?" Niall asked. I just nod. " Give me your schedule" he ordered me, I rose my right eyebrow at him. "Why?" I asked. "So I could see what class you got next".  He explained. I took my schedule out of my bag and hand it to him. He look at it and his eyes open wider.

"Oh my!" He exclaim. I gave him a weird look and he notice it and say, "You've got the same classes as mine and Harry's." My wierd look change into a fake smile. "Oh, Cool" was the only word that could come out of my mouth. Isn't this just great, seeing and having them in all my classes. (Notice the sarcasm?). We get out of Drama and walked to English, which is my or our second period class.

While we were walking we saw Harry and Hannah walking together infront of us hand in hand. If you didnt notice that I had or have a crush on Harry yet, well you just figure that out. Hannah was laughing with something Harry wispered on her ears then she hold Harry's arm, (where I know she could feel his bisep) and put her head on his shoulder.

I close my hand into a fist and bite my bottom to calm the anger/jelousy inside of me. Niall seems to notice that I was doing it because he asked me "Sofia are you ok?" I turned my head to face him and nodded. He seem to not believe it but he didnt say any thing more. The way toenglish seems so long because Niall and me had an awkward silent. So I dicided to broke the silent again.

"SoNiall, do you play any sports?" I ask not caring to face him. "Yeah, I do. I play football." He answered. "Soccer?" I asked again. "yeah"is the only word that he said. "Sofia cant I asked you something?" he said. "Yeah sure." I said facing him with a smile. "Why didn't you tell me your name is Jane?" he asked." Oh Jane? Jane is my last name" "Then why did you told me?" "I didnt?" I asked, he shook his head."No, you said your name was Sofia Evans." "Oh, sorry I like my second last name better than the firstone and I got used to Evans since my friends in New York call Sophie Evans." I explained. "Oh, ok" he said with a smile


I bought some food in the cafeteria and sat with Niall at a table by the window, since he's the one who asked me if I want to hang out with him at lunch. I can't say no, tell me who cant say no to those blue eyes and a beautiful smile? not to mention that he is totally F.I.T. Okay I seriously have to stop this.... Niall eat his pizza while I was eating my sandwish, weate on an awkward silent until a few mins later Harry and his barbie doll join us. Hannah told Harry that sheis going to buy something and she kisses Harry, and I rolled my eyes.

Niall POV

Sofia seems so weird since we saw Harry and Hannah on the hallway together. Is she jealous about them? Is she like in-to him? Nah, it is just your imagination Niall.. But when Hannah kissed Harry she rolled her eyes, there is something that I need to know. She cant like Harry, I mean it not that I dont want Harry to be happy or something, I just dont want she to like-like him. Harry could fall for her, I mean who cant fall for her she is Beautiful and have a great personallity even though I have known her for like 4 hours or more.

Harry broke the silents between me and Sofia. "So how do you like the school?" he asked Sofia. He better not touch my girl.. I mean Sofia. "Umm.. The school is great, there are many nice  people here" she said with a smile and turned to me. I smile back at her. "Great. You know who we are right?" "Yea, I do. My best friend is obsess with you, she talks about you guys all the time." she explain. "Oh good, Do you like us too? Is your best friend like here in a London?" he asked widen his green eyes. I stay quiet just listening to their conversation. "Umm.. A little, I am not obsess like My friend is, and No she doesnt live here. She live in New York, but my dad and I are planning to bring her here to live with us."

Harry smile got bigger. Men! you can tell he is a womenizer but he doesnt like people call him that..

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