How I started High School

Sofia, an avarage girl that just started high school in a new school. Since her mom' s death, she and her father have been moving around alot. And now she's not moving away till she finish high school. But things got complicated, when she ran into a blonde, blue-eyed guy. In that moment he saw her, he fell for her. He's trying to get near her every single day. But on the same time one of his best mate fall in love with her too. Could she manage the two boys falling for her? Who would she pick? the blue-eyed sweetheart or the sexy curly flird?
Wanna Find out? Then Read Here!!


3. Harry!

Sofia P.O.V

Everyone asked me so many questions like "what's my favorite color or when is my Birthday" and somethings like that. But the weirdest question of all was Niall's. Why did he wanted to know if I had i boyfriend or not. Well who cares right... Now I'm still in my drama class. Mr.Ramirez told me to sit next to Niall, a little awkward i know. It's because the sit next to him was empty.

Drama was like history I learn thing that i already know like William Shakespare wrote the famous book Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet. Then Mr.Ramirez had to go somewhere, then all my classmate starting standing up, chatting, and it was really noisy. Then I feel someone tap my shoulder from the back.

I turn around and saw a blonde girl, with red lips, blue eyes and let me just tell you she looks like a barbie. And I saw another girl that is sitting at the corner of the desk, she is long hair brunette. "So where are you from?" she said. Didn't she put any attention when they asked me question. Sofia calm down, dont get mad so fast like always, this is your new school, new life. "I'm from New York." I said trying to not talk rudely. Then she suddenly a smile grew on her face and crossed her arms infront of her chest.

"Really? Cool, I'm Hannah and this is Jorgie" The blondie said. "I'm Sofia" I reply, we shakes hands and they starting to whisper each other on the ears, I didnt mind. I turn to look beside them and found The Harry Styles the curly and cheeky boy. He's wrinting something, he is cute as always. Then he saw me looking at him, I quickly turn away and I could feel my face is burning.

Harry P.O.V

I was writing some idea for our new song, when I felt like someone was looking at me, I look up and I was right. I light brown haired girl was looking at me. When she saw me looking a her, she quickly turn away. I could see her turning red. A small smile grew on my lips. She was a little familiar. I got back to the song and keep thinking why is she look so familiar.

Sofia P.O.V

 Oh My God he saw me. this is awkward. Well the class kept going but not my mind. My mind was on something else, it was on my pass. The time I met Harry for the first time, he had only eight years old and I had six. We became friend. But to him i was his best mate. We did everything together, since the day I moved to Holmes Chapel. We always buy ice-cream together, play together, go to the park together, walk to school together, we did everything together.

And when I always need him he was always there for me, always by my side. I was the one who set him on the band that he used to be in, the White Eskimo. I wrote a couple song for them, but a couple yearslater my mom died. I locked my self in my room for days, I didn't let anyone in not even my dad. but i did let Harry in. He was the only one who make me laugh and that keep my tears away.

Then after so many days I felt better, I when outside, I starting to go to school again. And as always with Harry by my side. Every where I go, Harry has to go with me, Why? Because he's the one that protected me beside my dad. My dad let him sleepover a couple days, Because I used to have nightmares and Harry was the only one to calm me down.

A few days when I cried, he always sing to me with his beautiful voice. Then I told him to go audition for the X-Factor, he denied, cause he knew that i still needed him. But I try my best to force him to go and he finally say yes.

Since that day his career have been great.... But not me after he went to the X-Factor Tour, he stop calling me, Texting me and all. After seeing all the fansand dating Caroline Flack, he just forgot me....

***AN: Hey guys sorry for not posting sooner, I just want to let you just know that I am still working on this Fanfic. And if you guys want to be on it KIK me at SofiaHoran1. Oh yeah and Like, Favorite and Comments too. Thanks Love you guys :D <3 ***

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