How I started High School

Sofia, an avarage girl that just started high school in a new school. Since her mom' s death, she and her father have been moving around alot. And now she's not moving away till she finish high school. But things got complicated, when she ran into a blonde, blue-eyed guy. In that moment he saw her, he fell for her. He's trying to get near her every single day. But on the same time one of his best mate fall in love with her too. Could she manage the two boys falling for her? Who would she pick? the blue-eyed sweetheart or the sexy curly flird?
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1. Chapter 1

How I Started High School

Sofia P.O.V

 Well today is the day I hated the most, first day of high school. Yea, yea everybody love high school and all but I don't. But hey, if you were me you’ll probably hate this day, because you wouldn’t like to go to a high school where you know nobody. Like seriously, I know nobody here. I am totally new in this place.

 I just move in, in this big house in London. I love London I mean who doesn't...I just hate to start a new school with new students, new books and new teachers! In my previous school the teachers there knew me. I am kind of a teachers’ pet back in my last school. I'm so not that kind of girl that is popular all around the school and all that. I'm not that kind who wears make-up all over her face and make myself look like a clown (no offends) or put on really red lipstick and leave my lips big and red like Angeline Jolie (Love Her BTW). So back to the story, I'm none of that kind of girl. In fact, I am the opposite.

 I don't have big red lips, I don’t flirt with every boy in school and I don't wear makeup, at all... Maybe mascara and lip gloss but that is not a big deal. And I have no friends in that school so it is going to be a little hard for me, though I am very good at making friends, I guess.


Anyway, my name is Annabelle Sofia But most of the people call me Sofia. The only person that calls me Anna was my mom. She died 2 years ago, so now I am staying with my dad. I have 15 almost 16. I am going to a new school in London called Middleton High School. I am a junior. I have never seen the school before cause I was busy unpacking my stuff. My dad works at an express thingy and because of that we move around a lot. But we’re going to stay in London for quite a long time for now...


~The Next Morning ~


 So I woke up at 6:56 am, I took a warm bath and put on a pair of black skinny jeans and a long-blue-sleeve tee. I put some lip gloss on and have breakfast. I when looked at the wall clock and it was 7:32. My classes supposed to start at 8:30. So I put my Vans on and say goodbye to my dad and walked to school. My house wasn't too far away from the school, even though I haven't been to the school yet my dad thought me how to get there. Went I got there it was 7:40, I went straight to the principal office for my schedule but I’m really not sure I know where it was. When I walk through the hall way, I saw someone running toward me I had no idea who was it. I got scared a little and I close my eyes and bit my bottom lip hoping he won’t... you know bumped into me.

 I was completely paralyzed, then I could feel someone stop in front of me, I could felt a body close to mine as we were millimeter away. I could feel a warm breath on my forehead.

 “I’m so sorry, you can open your eyes now, everything is okay" I heard a boy said with an Irish accent. I opened my eyes and met a pair of beautiful blue eyes I’ve ever seen. This guy has cute messy blond hair. Looks like it was dyed. He is gorgeous.

"Umm... why? What happen? Why were you running?" I asked nervously and with hesitation.

"Some girls were chasing me” He said laughing while rubbing his neck with his left hand.

"Oh, ok?"

"You don't know who am I, do you?" I shocked my head. Why would I know who he is? Is he popular or something?

"No, I don’t. Why? Should I?"

"I'm Niall Horan. What's your name love?" He said making me overwhelm with his Irish accent. I hesitated for a second. Did he say Niall Horan? I think I have heard that name before ... but where? I keep asking myself that question.


"I'm Sofia Evans" I said while thinking about his name. I swear I've heard his name before... Aha! His in that famous boy band I remember now. "Hey you’re on a Famous boy band right. What was the name…?" I said


“It’s..." He said but didn’t finish.


"Shhhh... Don’t tell me!" I said "One Direction!! Right?"


"Right” He replied with a cute smile on his lips.


“Yeah I remember now because you're on my best friend's wall." I said and he laughed a little. And he also blushed. Aww!! He blushed. How cute it that?


 A few seconds later I saw a group with bunch of girls with paper in their hands and some have cameras. I didn’t notice them before. Were they standing there all this time? I was busy looking at Niall's eyes, that I didn’t even notice them. Then I look back at Niall. "So you're new huh? I've never seen you before" He asked.


"Yeah, I am. I'm trying to get to the principal office but I have no idea where it is.

"Oh don’t worry I'll help you" He suggested. I'm glad that he said that cause otherwise I will be late for my class.


(A/N) Hello Beautiful people, this is my first story I ever written so it might be a little cheesy. So anyway if you liked it please favorite it or like it. Feel free to comment, tell me what you think.

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