It's a normal girl, Emily and something will change her life fo good. She meets a guy, Brandon and he's a really nice guy, as she thinks. Emily has dark brown hair with a bit of purple highlits and beautiful brown eyes. She is always alone in her school but is the fastest one.If you want to read more than read my story :)


1. The begining

18th december 2011
Dear Diary,

Last day of school before holidays FINISH! i couldn't an other day be the same school as Holly. Today, she putted Ollysha's head in the toillet. Thank god this wasn't me. Yeah she did this to me last week. She bully's everyone that's not popular and is a nerd to her. Just beacuse people have good grades dosen't mean thet are nerds.UGGH I CAN'T STAND THIS ANYMORE BULLYING. Why does she have to be so mean to people. Yeah, i'm kinda th big target to her. I have to eat in the bathrooms at lunch, have to go upstairs before every one else. Why ? Because of Holly. She humilliates me in front of every one around us. That's why. Anyway's i have to go to do the groceries for mom ! bye Diary ! -xx

Emily's P.O.V

I went to th grocerie store for mom. I meet this guy, Brandon on my way there. He goes to my school and dosen't like Holly einther. Thank god someone hates her more than me. We are metting up tomorrow at 12pm a the parc to do a picnik ! HOW ROMANTIC ! Never a boy asked me out. They just talked to me beacuse they wanted a date with Holly. Yeah Holly is my sister. I'm the fat nerdy one and she is the tall beautiful blonde with blue eyes.

-we skip the night and this is tomorrow when Emily is going to the park-

I am arrived at the park a little late like 5 minutes but it dosen't care beacuse Brandon did the sweetest thing to me ! He placed a table with candles and all the romantic stuff... He was there with a rose in his hands.

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