It's a normal girl, Emily and something will change her life fo good. She meets a guy, Brandon and he's a really nice guy, as she thinks. Emily has dark brown hair with a bit of purple highlits and beautiful brown eyes. She is always alone in her school but is the fastest one.If you want to read more than read my story :)


2. O.M.G

"OMG BRANDON!!! What is all of this..." i say in a suprised voice
"Well it's for you.." he chuckles
"That is so sweet awwwn ! " i replied

I ran up to him and gaved him  a big hug, well... He really deserves it :) ! i'm so happy :D !
Maybe i'm falling in love....
We sat at the table and started to eat. Brandon made some chicken and it's really good ! When we we're finished, a butler bringed us some dessert.

"Wait , you have a butler ?" i asked him.
"Well, yeal my parents are kinda rich..." he answerd
"oh..."was all i could say
"Can we skip the akward moments please and do you want to go to my place ?" he said in a soft voice
"Sure but i have to be at my house at 5:30 beacuse i have to skype my cousin, Liam"

Yeah i have a cousin and his name is  Liam Payne, he is in the band of One Direction and he's on tour. I don't see him much at the time but we skype every night. He dosen't know what Holly does to me but i was waiting to tell him tonight. But if Holly interups... Well he will never know. I can't wait to see him again and not on a computer screen, he will be back next week and the boys are gonna stay with us YAY! That way Holly will just humiliate me at school and i won't have to be her maid for 6 months !!! I have an appartement with Holly beacuse that was our birthday present and we are twins and i'm the youngest, yeah i was supposed to be the oldsest but Holly just grabbed my ombilical cord beacusemshe wanted to go first...

"Emily...... Emily,......EMILY!!!!!!!" Brandon screamed
"Oh , yeah sorry i was lost on the moon haha" i said in between laughs
"ok.. well are we gonna go to my place ?"
"Sure ! "
"well let's go!"


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