It's a normal girl, Emily and something will change her life fo good. She meets a guy, Brandon and he's a really nice guy, as she thinks. Emily has dark brown hair with a bit of purple highlits and beautiful brown eyes. She is always alone in her school but is the fastest one.If you want to read more than read my story :)


4. Hidden Cameras...

After i Skyped with Liam, i got up and taked a shower. After i blowed my hair dry and went to the mall... I went to a spy store and found something interesting. It was cameras that you could hide and plug into your laptop and look at what happened when you we're gone. This was to cool to not buy it so i buyed it. When i arrived home, it was already 9:00 PM. Man time goes fast. Holly wasn't home yet so i could install the cameras. I putted one in each room plus the little USB card in my laptop .After that, i went to watch TV and i watched 4 episodes of Sponge Bob Squarepants. It was 11:00 PM and Holly got home.

"Holly, Liam and the band will be here at midnight so i'm gonna go get them at the airport now"
"Shut up loser i'm driving to the airport and your staying here" She says loudly.

I went to my room and started to cry and called Liam. He answerd.

"Hey LiLi" i say inbetween sobs.
"Emily ? WHAT DID SHE DID TO YOU NOW?" he sais in a stressed voice.
"It's ..... her tthhh......aaaaaaat is going to get you guys at the airport."
"Why ? I only wanted to see you Em and we're already here and we're taking a limo to your place ok ?" he says in a soft voice to calm me down.
"ok Li see you in like how much time?"
"See you NOW" he shouts and open my bedroom door and comes to give me a big hug.

I dropped my phone on the floor and runned up to him. He gives the best of best hugs ever made. He's like a brother ever wanted, my best friend.


Sorry if this chapter is really short . I don't have a lot of spare time to do my fiction... ! :)


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