It's a normal girl, Emily and something will change her life fo good. She meets a guy, Brandon and he's a really nice guy, as she thinks. Emily has dark brown hair with a bit of purple highlits and beautiful brown eyes. She is always alone in her school but is the fastest one.If you want to read more than read my story :)


3. Having fun and Skyping with Liam

As we arived at Brandon's house, i was feeling weird, kinda like relived. He unlocked the door and let me though first. This house was so much nicer than mine. It felt warm and cosy but mine juste felt cold and uncomfterble. He took my hand and leaded me to the fire place. In there, there was a couch , sticks and marshmallows. We had so much fun today ! But it's was time for me to go. I kissed Brandon on the cheek and waved him good bye. When i was at my house, i ran up to my room to avoid Holly. I connected myself on to Skype and Liam was on line YAY! I called him and he answerd.

"Hey LiLi "
"Hey Em"
"Li, i need to talk to you about something...."
"sure what's up ?"
"Is there anyone else in the room ?"
"Nope just me, why, is it important ?"
"Well, kinda"
"You know you can tell me everithing Em"
"Yeah i know it's that i'm scared to talk about it and she interrups"
"Who ?"
"Holly ? "
"What did she did to you Em ? "
"Well since we moved in togheter, she is treating me like dirt, i'm her maid and at school, well she is the most popular girl and i'm her target Liam , i'm scared of her, i can't defend myself and i can't take this anymore ! " i said inbetween sobs
"Emily ! Why didn't you tell me from the begining ! What she is doing to you is really unaceptable and i'm gonna cancel our last show and we're coming home today ok ? Don't worry i won' tell anyone i'm juste gonna teach her a lesson."
"Thanks Li"
"for what?"
"For always being there for me and listen to me every time i have to tell you something. You just mean the world to me beacuse i have the best cousin ever !"
"ok well i gotta go cancel our last show tonight and we will be home by midnight."
"ok love you LiLi bye -xx"
"Bye Em"

*End of skype*

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