It's a normal girl, Emily and something will change her life fo good. She meets a guy, Brandon and he's a really nice guy, as she thinks. Emily has dark brown hair with a bit of purple highlits and beautiful brown eyes. She is always alone in her school but is the fastest one.If you want to read more than read my story :)


7. Awkward...

Emily's P.O.V
We got out of his room and heard noises comming from Holly's room. I wanted to know what was going on in there and it was a perfect time to show Liam my hidden cameras.

"LiLi i have to show you something and it's like reeeeeaaaaallllllyyyy important." I say with my puppy dog face that always work with Liam. Hehe.

"Sure thing Em?" he says with a question mark on his face.

He followed me into my room and i opened my laptop. I connected the USB key in it. When he saw what was the USB key for he like freaked out in silence. After he finished, i wanted to know who did this to my clothes last night , i wanted to show him when she told me that she was going with them and then slapped me and finally what was she doing in that room. I rewinded the hidden camera in the kitchen and wiggled Liam's arm and showed him the scene in the kitchen. His eyes becamed bigger and he looked at me with a sorry face.

"Then i want to know who shredded your clothing last night." He asked in a urge to see it.

I nodded , took a deep breath and started the video. And we all know it was Holly. She used some scissors and after that she writted on my wall : YOU SUCK WHORE!!!!. Wait a second, there is no drawing on my wall. Let the video tell the answer to my question. Well we see me sleeping and all of a sudden, we see Niall walk into my room in tip toe action. What the fuck ?! What did he wanted ? See me sleeping ?! Oh wait...

A/N : I know it's not long but i hope you guys like it.. :) -Emilie

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