"Let Me Love You"

Niall James Horan met Vanessa Cormier about 3 months ago. It was love at first sight for both of them, but as they grow deeper in love they learn secrets about each others lives that may change their relationship. Niall is part of a band called One Direction and has a crazy, hectic life including his family. While Vanessa is a high school student trying to figure out what to do after she completes her senior year. Not to mention her dad is in the Air Force and every time he gets deported his relationship with his wife grows further apart, her mom is a work-a-holic, and her sister is, well, Anne..........Will they find a way to work around their conflicts or will they end up paying for their new love?


10. TwitCam

Narrator's P.O.V

Vanessa goes back downstairs, and Niall has set up the lap top on the coffee table. They went into the kitchen and got water and sat back down. Niall posted on Twitter about the TwitCam.

They logged on and started the TwitCam off with 1,000 viewers! They talk about their life together since they have moved in with each other. "So........do you guys have any questions for Vor I?" Niall says in his cute irish accent. A bunch of questions pop up.


'Do you guys ever have haters, because everyone that I know loves Vanessa. She is adorable!'

A: 'Yes, I do have haters, a bunch actually. But, Niall helps me cope very well, whenever I come home down because of a fan saing something mean or anything-he always supports me. And thank you!

'How does he help you cope with the stress of the paps or the hateful 'fans'?'

A: 'When I come home after my day, f we are not together, he can always read my face and my expressions. He knows when i'm sad, mad or angry, hurt, depressed. And he comforts me by sticking by my side. We get a carton of ice cream, then sit down and talk about it. He tells me and assures me that the fans are only hateful because of jealousy. And the paparazzi will always be close, whether i am famous or not, because they know 'oh she's with Niall, or she was'. And i feel so at home talking to him ecause it so easy. And we work past those hurtful instances together.'

'Niall, is it true you and V are getting married? There are a lot of rumors going around the internet and i really want to know!'

A: Vanessa holds up her left hand and smiles, along with Niall. She has the ring on her ring finger. "We haven't told the press or anything so our fans are the first public to know. We had only told family and friends before this." Niall says.

The TwitCam comments burst with 'congratulations' and 'want to see pics after!' and lots of good comments.

Niall and Vanessa realize it's 10:00 and they tell fans goodnight and finish the TwitCam with 3,000,000 viewers!



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