"Let Me Love You"

Niall James Horan met Vanessa Cormier about 3 months ago. It was love at first sight for both of them, but as they grow deeper in love they learn secrets about each others lives that may change their relationship. Niall is part of a band called One Direction and has a crazy, hectic life including his family. While Vanessa is a high school student trying to figure out what to do after she completes her senior year. Not to mention her dad is in the Air Force and every time he gets deported his relationship with his wife grows further apart, her mom is a work-a-holic, and her sister is, well, Anne..........Will they find a way to work around their conflicts or will they end up paying for their new love?


3. A romantic picnic for two?

"I want, I want, I want, but that's crazy. I want, I want, I want, but that's not me. I want, I want, I want, to be loved by you."

                                                               -I Want


                  ''This is amazing Niall! I love it." Vanessa says awestruck. "Here, let me help you." Niall helps Vanessa sit on the blanket then sits down and unpacks the picnic basket full of food. "WOW! That's a lot of food." Vanessa replies and laughes. "One of the things I love after you." Niall says and kisses Vanessa on the cheek. 

                They pick up the food and just as they are about to start eating another crowd of directioners comes over and hassols Niall to sign autographs. Niall signs a couple then looks back at Vanessa with an apoligetic look on his face. After a while he crowd leaves and Niall turns around to realize Vanessa is gone, he looks everywhere and sees her walking away.

                  He runs after her calling "Vanessa, Vanessa wait!" he catches up with her and grabs her hand to stop her. She turns around and Niall realizes she is crying. "What's wrong? Did I do somthin to upset you babe?" Niall pleads, tears welling in his eyes as well. "That's just it Niall.....you didn't do anything. I don't know why I thought that we could just be together, you have a soaring career and fans that adore you. 

             And I am a high school graduate who doesn't know what to do with her life and a family who is in pieces and doesn't support me." Vanessa cries. "You could have any girl you want Niall, and-" Niall cuts her off. "And I chose you Vanessa. I have been in love with you since the first time we met in that shopping mall."


                                 *FLASHBACK FROM 3 MONTHS AGO*

           "This week is gonna be so fun! No school, no worries, no FAMILY!" Vanessa remarks to her friend Avrilene. "I know! Now we have to find you some clothes! I can't believe you only brought clothes for a couple of days!" Avrilene remarks. "Tell that to my mom. She was yelling at me to take the dog on a walk while SHE was reading! So I only had time to throw everything together." Vanessa defends. "And also, my dad-BOOM!" Vanessa fell down and dropped everything out of her bags. The person who ran into her also fell and replied.

                 "I'm so sorry love! I didn't mean to wham into you!" the mysterious voice apolegized. Vanessa realized he had a deep, cute irish accent. Se looked up to see a blonde god decked out in skinny jeans, a bright green shirt and huge green reboks. "It's fine, really. I'm fine!"Vanessa chuckles. "Hi, i'm Niall. And i'm very clumsy as you can probably tell." Niall says and Vanessa chuckles. "So I noticed you don't have an irish accent. Where are you from?" Niall askes, making convo.

             "Virginia. I'm from a sadly small town." Vanessa answers. "I've always wanted to live in a small town." "It's not that great, trust me...." Vanessa says. Then another cute, tall guy comes over and introduces himself as 'Zayn'. He and Avrilene go off talking about some dude named Ed Sheeran.

          "So are you two doing anything tonight? Maybe the boys and I could show you around Ireland. We are here on The X Factor, but this is also my hometown." Niall askes. "We aren't." "Cool I will pick y'all up seven o'clock tonight" Niall says. After that they had Skyped when he was on tour and texted when he was home. This was the first face to face 'date' they had had. And now, in Vanessa's eyes, it had been all wrong.


                                     *BACK TO PRESENT DAY*

             "I love you Vanessa! It's not all wrong." Niall says and picks Vanessa up, she wraps herlgs around his waist and they share a small kiss. "Okay, I love you too Niall." They have the rest of their date and cuddle a lot then Niall takes her back to her house. Once she gets home, Vanessa kisses Niall goodbye and walks inside. She closes the door and blushes while still grinning ear to ear. Her mom appears at the top of the steps with her blackberry in hand, she mustbe emailing clients. "How was your date." she askes, her eyes still glued to her phone.

              "It was amazing. We had a-" Vanessa starts when her dad walks in the door. "That's great honey." her mom cuts her off and her eyes travel to her dads empty hands. "Where are the groceries?" her mom askes her dad, teeth gritted. "I forgot, then I didn't have enough money." her dad replied with ease. "That's exactly like you! Ain't got no dang money so I have to provide for this family!" her mother yells. Vanessa hates it when her mom and dad yell towards each other. Ever since she was little, when her parents would yell, she would end crying herself to sleep. "I'm going upstairs." she says quietly while her parents are still yelling at each other. She races upstairs and goes to text Niall.

                       "Can u pick me up? Parents fighting:( -V"

                   Soon a reply shows up on her Iphone screen.

                             "Sure:) Be there in 10. -N"






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